Where do I fit in politically?
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22-10-2012, 12:00 PM
Rainbow Where do I fit in politically?
Here's the deal. I'm 28, an atheist, a lesbian, a medical technician, way below the financial means of the 'One Percent', a former foster child, a caring aunt, and so much more. I don't like abortion but see the necessity of it in extreme cases. I like the idea of the government supporting *some* social programs like teaching children to choose the right foods for a healthy diet. At the same time, I don't believe the government should continue to give handouts to every person who is too lazy to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. Don't get me wrong, I know there are people out there who are legitimately handicapped and need government assistance, but then there are those who just don't want to do for themselves. Ideally I would like to see more programs that promote independent living and job skills because a lot of these people mooching off the government are only perpetuating a cycle that has gone on in their own families for generations. Speaking as a former foster child, I know that if a person is intelligent enough, (and most of them are, they have just been judged their whole lives and told that they aren't any better than their parents) they have great potential to contribute to society. In my opinion, America has become a lot like foster parents who give up on their children too soon. If my own foster parents and group home staff had given up on me instead of showing me how I can make more of myself, I might be just another statistic. I realize this is idealistic thinking, but why can't the people who lead this country see the worth in those who can contribute and set programs in place that will teach the masses reaching out for government money. Eventually the cycle would end, as it has in my own life and the lives of several other foster kids I know out there who have proven their worth.
Okay, so I know I've strayed off topic. What I really want to know as an atheist, a lesbian, a health care worker, a person with ideals that seemed far-fetched at this point in time, is which political party, (if any), do I fit in? I'm not asking who I should vote for because I've already made my mind up on that front, I just feel more comfortable when I can put a name to things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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