Where is my Activism Needed
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01-08-2014, 11:51 AM
Where is my Activism Needed
A recent rant, perhaps inconceivable, but here it is as typed earlier today..
Atheist needed?

I am fairly new to the idea of being an Atheist or a Non-Theist, as I often say. The definition of Atheist is, One that lacks beliefs in God or Gods. While that is me to a T, I find much more comfort in the word than that simplistic meaning. I am proud to be atheist and of the community that surrounds. I am most definitely a Humanist as well. I have immersed myself in this community so deeply that I have identified myself in such a way, good or bad, that has now become my cause.

I have always been one to go against the grain and to find something outside the norm to fight for. Quite unsuccessfully I was and am a supporter of the decriminalization of drugs, most specifically Marijuana. While promoting Marijuana as a substance that shouldn't qualify as illegal I was using it in a state that didn’t allow it. I got caught eventually and served 135 days in a County Incarceration Facility or Jail. This fight, while I believe is still a noble fight is only one I can now support from the outside.

During my incarceration I discovered that I needed a new cause. I had been dabbling in YouTube Videos of The Atheist Experience, and discovering podcasts like The Thinking Atheist. I do well when I have a title or reason for my life. Supporting the idea of Secularism Humanism as an Atheist is my cause.

I have listened to countless hours of Audio, Read a number of books and have stayed up many a night watching YouTube videos. While I believe I have a good idea of what to argue to Christians and have lost most of the impulsive fears instilled in me as a child growing up in Christianity, I feel it is time to step my game up.

I have a desire to advertise, on my car, on clothing, and anywhere that may spark conversation from theists. I want to show that there is nothing intrinsically wrong with Atheism and that we can still live moral, ethical, productive lives. I am proud of what I have come to learn and now know tand I want to show others so that they may take up the cause.

Where are we needed most? I have no background in anything that I can currently think of to be of any assistant but I so badly want to be. I am 27, barely a graduate of high school, but am contemplating going back to school.

What are ideas that you may have? Places to go, How to interact? What is most needed on the Inter-webs? Where can I project my voice the loudest and be heard for rationally, reason, and secular moral values?
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