White-Juday warp field interferometer
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13-09-2015, 08:29 AM
White-Juday warp field interferometer
[Image: VibtUyu.jpg]

Quote:The scientific community met these NASA tests with skepticism and a number of physicists proposed that the measured thrust force in the US, UK, and China tests was more likely due to (external to the EM Drive cavity) natural thermal convection currents arising from microwave heating (internal to the EM Drive cavity).

However, Paul March, an engineer at NASA Eagleworks, recently reported in NASASpaceFlight.com’s forum (on a thread now over 500,000 views) that NASA has successfully tested their EM Drive in a hard vacuum – the first time any organization has reported such a successful test.

Was gonna raise an objection to the FTL naysayers in the UFO thread, so I google-fu'd shit, and came up with this thing. Besides, don't really need to fuel Free's fire - he already combusted. Big Grin

Trying to evaluate the official story is kinda convoluted. There was all kind of sensationalizing going on with my read being that NASA takes the stand that interest in this science is a big plus, so why fuck up a good thing with an official denial?


This unofficial source seems pretty informed, knowledgeable, and substantial. Was gonna post in the "elegant nature of science" thread but there's a lot of material here. Wink

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13-09-2015, 08:58 AM
RE: White-Juday warp field interferometer
"With this design, a mission to Mars would result in a 70-day transit from Earth to the red planet, a 90-day stay at Mars, and then another 70-day return transit to Earth."

Wouldn't that be something!

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