Who is our next Hitchens ?
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27-01-2014, 10:34 AM
RE: Who is our next Hitchens ?
(25-01-2014 12:06 PM)Baruch Wrote:  
Quote:"'Gays for Palestine'? Give me a break. If 'Gays for Palestine' were in Palestine, they'd have to go Israel."

That is very funny...and true. A gay Palestinian will not last long in Gaza, Jenin or Ramala.
Gay Arab Israeli citizen (>1,000,000 arab Isaelis living in Israel) can have gay sex with Israeli secular Jews and no one will do anything. Israel has secular courts and it is not illegal to be gay - infact they had one of the largest pro gay marches which made the religious right wing very angry - but there is separation from "religion & state" like in much of the western democracies.

On the other hand not a good idea for an ultra orthodox jew from a religious area being caught gay by a community member - likely to be ostracized by the orthodox community.

It would be nice if more people realized that fact. Israel is a secular state with separation between clergy and state, and there is a big difference between the Ayatollah, who has stated outright he will wipe Israel off the map, and Israel, which occasionally violates human rights of Palestinians on its borders, from having a nuke. Israel isn't going to go on a nuclear bombing run with the intent of genocide. The same can't be said of Iran.
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