Why Do You Celebrate The New year ?
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05-01-2012, 01:02 PM
RE: Why Do You Celebrate The New year ?
(04-01-2012 10:55 PM)mysticjbyrd Wrote:  I don't celebrate new years at all.

Actually I just get kinda annoyed that I will have to remember to put 2012 down in the date columns of various paperwork. I always forget sometimes...

Quote:P.S.: I just think that the new year's silly celebrations do not make any sense whatsoever though, so

as long as people do not harm others while celebrating it , i am pretty ok with that silly non-sense
Its simply an excuse for people to act stupid, be reckless, and go out and get drunk, and whats more this behavior is socially accepted on this day. Actually now that I think about it, its the exact same thing as spring break.

The only thing needed in life to do anything is an excuse.

I agree with you really : people just need an excuse to make such silly fools of themselves , i 've been there , i know , reminds me of those UK riots , ironically enough, even though this is just an analogy , not a comparison : hysteric mass-psychology of the mob bringing the worst in people , people acting like 'animals " , even the decent ones = that's not my idea of celebration or of having fun anymore = makes no sense whatsoever

fascinating is that psychology of the masses ,even decent people can be turned into beasts copying the irrational behaviour of the mob

Some scientists did some experiments in that regard to find out the influence of a group on persons individuals : when individuals are isolated , they give the right elementary responses to some elementary questions , but when they are in a group , they tend to follow the opinion of the group even though it's not the correct one they wouldn't give if they were alone or isolated
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05-01-2012, 01:05 PM
RE: Why Do You Celebrate The New year ?
Many people find it an opportunity for change, re-commitment, something new.

It is only a week after the winter solstice, so it feels like a new beginning with the daylight returning, the darkness retreating.

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