Why Gay Marriage Should be Illegal
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13-12-2012, 08:46 AM (This post was last modified: 13-12-2012 08:50 AM by FZUMedia.)
Why Gay Marriage Should be Illegal
The reason why Gay Marriage is even in question is because of the tax reductions on a legally married household. By prohibiting gay marriage you have less financial incentive for a gay couple to bring a child into the world, which is statistically harmful for the child's development. Children want their mother and father, and no one else- they certainly do not want to be given over to some stranger. A child's right to the best possible emotional development is more important than 'gay rights'. If a baby is taken from the mother and given to strangers, the child will cry immediately, the child does not want to be given to strangers so that the false parents can be happy. Children are not pets, they are people with as much say in matters as you and I.

I actually think Gay Marriage should be legal for equal taxes if breeding children unnaturally was illegal. Male and female personalities compliment each other greatly in nature and statistics have shown, when a family is divorced from it's natural state of mother and father, pathological issues in later life develop. Increased risk of crime rates, depression and violence come from non nuclear families and the earlier this happens in a child's life, the worse it is. So I invite you to campaign with me against those that wish to turn children into pets.

Not that I am against gays, who you are attracted to is none of my business or the state, but when you bring a child into the mix, then it becomes another matter, where the child's best interests must be put in question.
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