Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?
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27-11-2012, 03:05 PM
Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music?
Denicio, I know you'll have fun with this one:

If you didn't grow up in Fundie circles, you may have no idea of how evil Rock music is. Even if it's labelled "Christian Rock," it is still considered an instrument of the Devil. You should stop listening to it today!

It was a common Urban Church Legend back in the day that some Missionaries went home for vacation from Africa or South America or some other ill-defined place with a jungle. While in the US, their kids picked up some Rock albums. (The details were murky, if the music was Secular or Christian Rock, but that doesn't really matter to the story). When the Missionary Family returned to their Jungle Mission Field, the Christian Native Converts were upset. They went to the Missionary and asked, "Why do you let your children listen to demonic beats? These are the same rythms we used to us in the jungle to conjur up demons to do our bidding!"

It goes to show how much critical thinking goes on in The Church. The story was never told by anyone with firsthand knowledge. It was always pretty vague, but always had the same message: Rock and Roll music is evil and is a tool of the Devil to lead our impressionable teens into eternal damnation!

It was this story that lead my parents to not let me listen to any secular rock music and even Christian Rock was pretty suspect. (It also wasn't the huge industry in the 1970s and early 80s that it has become today. I remember arguing with my parents that Christian music was okay. It wasn't the rythms that were evil, but the intent of the lyrics. One of my favorite songs was "Why Should The Devil Have All The Good Music" by Christian Rock Pioneer Larry Norman. I can't embed the video from work, but I think this is the link to the song: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQfJoyrsccM

The main take away message for the sort of rule that says you shouldn't listen to Rock music is because Christians are to abstain from the pleasures of the world and be seen to be Christ-like. Even if the music hints at being linked with the devil, Christians should abstain from it so it won't seem like they are tainted by Satanic music.

Plus, as if that weren't wicked enough for you, the term Rock and Roll literally means to fornicate, and fornicating outside of marriage, even if it's with your hand, is evil.

Here are some links to the sorts of things that were said (and still are maintained in the deeper Fundie circles).

Religious Rock...The Devil's Music in Church

Quote:If you are a Christian and you don't realize that secular rock is evil and demonic then you better get your spiritual eyes examined because you have big problems. One distressing problem about the religious rock scene is that many involved also listen to secular rock and roll. At some of the concerts put on by the religious rockers they sometime "warm" up their audiences by playing secular rock and roll songs.

As you read the history of rock and roll, observe how Satan brought in his rock music in the 1950's and slowly degenerated it to it's present level of baseness. Watch how Satan slowly turned up his bunsen burner until his music developed to it's present low.
The bunsen burner reference is to the old illustration of putting a frog in a pan of water that slowly warms to boiling, will kill the frog, as opposed to putting a frog in boiling water and it jumps out. This is commonly used by Fundies to show you can't be complacent about your faith and act and look as if you're part of "The World."

Quote:Where did rock music come from? It is not a natural part of God’s creation. In all the many forms of natural music – the songs of the birds, the call of the whales, the beating of the heart, even the electromagnetic radiation of the planets and the stars – there is not a single evidence of rock music. All natural music follows the natural rhythm of placing emphasis on the downbeat rather than the backbeat.
Quote:Rock music simply does not exist in nature, nor can it be found within the patterns of the human body. Every function of the body operates on a pattern of tension and relaxation similar to that found in classical music. One can readily recognize this pattern by simply listening to a heartbeat. It is this rhythm which makes the Mozart effect possible. Medical researchers have found that exposure to the patterns found in classical music lessens the amount of time that patients must spend in recovery. The audible reminder of that pattern actually aids the weakened body in maintaining a healthy rhythm. Many additional examples could be given to demonstrate that the patterns of rock music are inconsistent with nature, yet the question still persists; if rock music does not occur naturally, from whence does it come? Many rock musicians have answered that question by claiming that their music came straight from Satan himself.

Quote:The unnatural rhythms of rock music have proven to be destructive to every class of life in God’s creation: plant, animal and human; and yet those rhythms have been gladly accepted by many Christians. The acceptance of rock music by Christians provides the fourth evidence: that rock music displays the wisdom and subtlety of Satan. The same Bible passage which speaks of Satan’s great musical ability also explains that he seeks to defile sanctuaries, and in II Corinthians 11:12-15, God further explains that one of Satan’s primary tactics is to deceive the church into accepting his philosophies as if they were God’s. Nowhere else is this tactic more evident than in the Christian music industry of the past 50 years.

Oh, and let's not forget the testimonies. These were the best, because who can argue with a Testimony? Certainly it must have been an act of God!
Testimonies of Young People and Rock Music

Quote:When I got into 'Christian' and secular rock, I went out from under my father's protection. I lost sleep, was rebellious, had a rotten attitude, and made life miserable for my parents. I also had major impure thoughts. I no longer listen to that music, and life is so much more enjoyable and I have much more spiritual victory. Whenever I hear this music, I get uptight and am tempted to get back into it.

Thank God I am not in it anymore."

A Seventeen-Year-Old Student From Texas

Quote:"When I was twelve or thirteen years old, I was given some 'Christian rock' tapes by my parents to listen to because they thought I was getting into secular music. The truth is, I was getting into some bad music. The 'Christian rock' dominated my life for over a year until I could not get the same satisfaction I received the first time I heard it. I went to secular rock music and kept this desire and sin from my parents. I started out on soft music and grew to pop/rock-type music.

"It was not long until my desire grew to 'hard rock' and 'progressive' stuff. I started getting into drinking and going to dance clubs. Minor recreational drugs came in and soon my life was going down the drain.

"One night while drinking, I fell into immorality and my life was devastated. God used this tragedy to turn me around and bring me back to Him. I feel very deeply that if I had not started out in 'Christian rock' I would have been convicted about the bad music I got into. Maybe I would not have messed my life up so much."

An Eighteen-Year-Old Student From Oklahoma

Quote:"I became influenced in 'Christian rock' from some bad friends I had made. Every free minute I had was spent listening to this music. I felt really proud that everybody else was listening to regular rock and I was listening also, but mine had Christian lyrics. One day as I was listening to this music I switched the station to FM and I was shocked to hear the same song on a secular station! I have done some searching in my life and realized that this music was controlling my thoughts, and that because of it, I could not conquer the giant of lust. This week I realized that I would have to give up 'contemporary-Christian music' if I was going to have victory over the giant of lust!"

A Fifteen-Year-Old Student From Missouri

Most people reading this kind of stuff won't relate to it. I relate to it only too well. For years I struggled with the topic of music. Even after I was "grown up" and on my own, I felt guilty about listening to secular music and tried to only buy music that was "Christian." Time and again, I'd "break down" and buy some tapes or albums from "secular" artists. Then I'd feel guilty and throw it all away like it was pornography and would pledge to only listen to Christian music. Even now, a case could be made by a Fundie that I've become an atheist because I've slipped deeper and deeper into Rock and Roll music and have forsaken God. The last concert I went to was Iron Maiden and it was the best damn show I've ever been to. I'm obviously a satan worshiper now.

Christianity isn't just silly, it fucks with impressionable and confused minds.

Look at it this way, life is so much funnier when you have a dirty mind. Laugh out load
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