Why are there woman vicars in churches when the Bible says the following...
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24-03-2013, 02:02 PM
RE: Why are there woman vicars in churches when the Bible says the following...
(24-03-2013 01:42 PM)Heathen Wrote:  
(23-03-2013 08:21 PM)evenheathen Wrote:  My problem is that my time undercover is not entirely up to me. My son will soon reach the "indoctrination age" (not sure exactly when that is, since I just made that up), and my parents will undoubtedly be bringing up god at get togethers. It's going to be at this point that I'll have to blow my cover in order to address the fact that he isn't receiving religious training at home. It's also embarrassing (but funny) at meals with them that he doesn't at all understand what prayer is or why he has to be quiet. So I'm kind of dreading this, but at the same time anticipating the freedom it will bring me.

In the meantime, I'm learning all I can to be better prepared to face that day, I just have no way of knowing exactly what the reaction will be. (Dad's a preacher and mom's even more devout than he is)
You are in a very difficult situation and I certainly have empathy for you. I wish I had some advice for you but I'm probably not the best model for handling this. There are some around here than can give you good advice though. Best of luck!

Appreciated. I'm not so anxious about my dad, I'm pretty sure he'll understand as he's got a good head on him. I guess it's more a dread of "breaking mom's heart". Love that woman, and I know she'll be crushed.
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