Why are we here?
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06-12-2011, 09:49 AM
RE: Why are we here?
A friend sent me a link to the funny pictures section. Always been keen on religious stuff 'cos it's been shoved in my face so much, kinda haven't discussed it much with anyone 'cos... well, people ostracize you. Once you got a bunch of friends, you want to keep them - I had a nice *religious* crowd throughout university... Had a few heated discussions and to their credit didn't lose their friendship, but could feel the distance increasing. Stopped arguing, end of problem... but I *like* logic, I like to try and understand people, and it grates me to the core when they get down on their knees and ask the emptiness to forgive them for being people... (especially if they ask me to join in) so I had an unfulfilled need to talk and argue without the threat of excommunication. (Everyone knows I'm an atheist, just being an atheist who argues with them is what they don't like Tongue).

This forum is like a dream. A place where people read and understand. Where a guy can take a different philosophical position, heatedly disagree, but will *understand* the points that are made against him, may even admit that he's wrong... that's amazing. That's the kind of argument that's worth having, where everyone learns. It's not an ego thing, it's not to score points, there might be ridicule but the gold is the intelligent level of the debate.
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06-12-2011, 10:47 AM
RE: Why are we here?
We are here, to improve the condition of the Earth itself.
So that it can withstand anything, and be able to hold people for all eternity.
Future families deserve to be happy.
Sorry, I'm a little bit of a Go Green freak. :|
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