Why are we obsessed with feminism again?
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12-09-2014, 04:44 PM
RE: Why are we obsessed with feminism again?
(08-09-2014 10:17 AM)spinosauruskin Wrote:  
(08-09-2014 03:25 AM)EvolutionKills Wrote:  Well, if anyone need a one page spiel spelling out the exact cultural delusions and naïvety behind your crazy ramblings; there you have it. Consider

But... he... has... a... point... Huh

Not really, he is just ignorant. For starters, every feminist I know of is thoroughly outraged about the situation in the middle east. I am not sure how he came to the conclusion that feminist pull punches when it comes to islam. Even if they did, it wouldn't make what they say about our culture (or shared culture if you prefer) any more or less true, and of course it wouldn't make middle eastern culture any less repressive and condemnable.

A whole lot of faux outrage going on here. If there is a demographic that you don't feel is fairly represented in the feminist movement, get busy representing it. You all want to sit around, do nothing, and then complain when other activist don't take action for your cause.

All of this presupposes that anyone has any genuine objections to the philosophy. It is a emotionally fueled, ignorant kind of rejection, where you don't want to bend or change your mind on anything, so you invent reasons to to be upset with feminism. I think we all can save a lot of time if you would just admit that you don't like the idea of feminism, and it has nothing to do with rational arguments.
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