Why can't liberals get their around the concept of "insurance"?
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13-12-2013, 07:17 PM
RE: Why can't liberals get their around the concept of "insurance"?
P.S. To tie this in to the BIGGER point of libertarianism...

Sure, it's possible to create "good" laws that don't give anyone unfair advantage. For example, the ACA could have mandated that insurance companies cover routine preventative care and negotiate a low price with an in-network doctor, BUT, could have had the patient pay the doctor the negotiated rate directly, and then it would be deducted from his next premium.

That way the patient would still get the benefits of the insurance companies' negotiation, and get the hand-holding to get the procedure, but he would pay less, since he'd pay the doctor the negotiate fee WITHOUT the insurance company's 25% markup. And then the insurance company would have an incentive to make sure the procedures were as affordable as possible since they'd be deducted from your premium. Heck, the insurance companies then might even partner with airline/travel companies to offer discounted "medical holidays", say, in Mexico, where you can get all your routine annual testing done at a quality, low-cost clinic, on the beach, while sipping Margaritas.

But, if such a law were proposed, the insurance companies would hire lobbyists to pressure Congressmen to vote 'no' since they'd lose their cut on these procedures. Then your Congressmen would tell you this was the worst law ever and would kill you, and they're voting 'no' because they love you guys so much. And you lemmings would lap up the cool-aid. So, 'good laws' like that which reduce unfair advantages and align interests have little chance of getting passed. Therefore, it's better to push all the lawmaking to the state/local level. This way, California could, for example, have the existing system where the insurance companies act as middle-men and mark everything up, and Nevada could try out the system I proposed. And as costs went down in Nevada, and the citizens got to enjoy their subsidized vacations, it would pressure California. But, since you insist on doing EVERYTHING at the national level, there's no self-correction. We just get shitty laws with perverse incentives that screw the people and benefit the corporations that hire all those lobbyists.
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