"Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?"
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16-04-2017, 02:48 PM
RE: "Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?"
(16-04-2017 01:20 PM)SYZ Wrote:  I think "celebrate" is the wrong term. It seems more like most atheists just go with the flow.
Every other bastard is stuffing their face with sugar, salt and cholesterol, and drinking gallons of piss—so why shouldn't we? Big Grin

I've noticed over the past several years here in Australia, many individuals and organisations are calling the period the "festive season"—possibly as a result of the declining incidence of religiosity in Australia, and/or the increase in atheism. Lots of people are now saying "happy holidays" to others at Christmas time, which about sums it all up.

Hmm... I get that... but no literally on holidays, since even before I moved out of my parents home, I'm alone at home by myself having a very normal day. I prolly would celebrate holidays if like I had a family or someone that wanted to be around me.

I mean when I was married we celebrated hollidays. Except my birthday, somehow in over 35 years I still have never had one. Even when I was married... I mentioned this to my ex wife she didn't give a fuck I guess. Oh well... We never missed her birthday of course. Though my cake baking skills are prolly rusty now.

DLJ Wrote:And, yes, the principle of freedom of expression works both ways... if someone starts shit, better shit is the best counter-argument.
Big Grin
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16-04-2017, 02:58 PM
RE: "Why do atheists celebrate Christmas?"
Even as a non Christian I still love Christmas. Its a wonderful time to celebrate the love of family and friends. It a good time to look back on the good and bad moments of the past year and to remember the ones who are no longer with us. But above all, to give a thought to the poor people far worst of than us. The poor Christians who still believe this stuff..
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