Why do people insist on judging by appearance?
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09-07-2012, 02:30 PM
Why do people insist on judging by appearance?
Why is it acceptable for people to
judge someone on how they look? I keep hearing people arguing that
even if someone has a valid point it doesn't matter because they
don't look the part. It is bullshit and those people are so full of
themselves. They find judging by appearance acceptable. I think that
is complete nonsense. Most religious types tend to, how did I hear it
again? Oh yes, “people need to wear their Sunday best, in order to
be taken seriously. ” A lot of the ones that I have known look like
they came out of a catalog. By all appearances they look like they
are the kindest people you would ever meet. In reality they are the
most perverse and cruel people I have ever known. Not true in all
cases but you would be surprised. (Look what happens to priests when
they go against their nature. It tends to be a common phenomenon
because boredom causes perversity. One way to relieve that nature is
by masturbation. Also if you think its funny that is fine, but maybe
you need to research a bit more. It is healthy to do and there is
nothing wrong with it.) In any case I never trust anyone that looks
good on paper or wears that fake smile. Unfortunately, I myself look
like a conservative asshole most of the time. The only time I really
get annoyed is when people smell, I will still listen to what they
say but at a distance. At least what is “acceptable” is changing
anyways. Tattoos are far more common then they ever where before.
Still I think people should focus on why they think that it is good
to treat someone poorly just because you are not used to how they
look. People really need to rethink their assumptions.

"No matter how old or young everyone is worth it, everyone can learn and no one is beneath you unless they claim to be above you." -Myself
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