Why do psychics ask people what their name is?
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14-12-2012, 02:34 PM
RE: Why do psychics ask people what their name is?
As an ex-psychic fraudster myself? UndercoverAtheist has it pretty close to the mark. You ask a person's name to do three things -

1) Set people at ease. Introductions are a social lubricant people don't think about, and our habit (in the States, at least) is to offer both first and last names, often with a preferred familiar: e.g., "Hi, I'm Shannon Lane, but my friends call me Jake." When the psychic responds, with a handshake and a smile, they're working to lower your guard, to get you receptive to what they have to say.

2) Establish your ... for lack of a better word.. 'fishability':

Okay. So this is a subtle thing - but if I ask you your name, and you respond with, say, "Mark." Well. That means you don't trust me. You don't volunteer things. You're not a 'giving' mark. If you say, "Mark Jacobson - but my dad's name was Papadopoluous, and I chose Jacobson to make it easier to break into film"... well. You're easy. Smile

3) Grab basic ethnic and age demographics.

I have a friend who looks Caucasian. If you dove straight into a reading referencing his northern European ancestry, you'd be sadly, poorly mistaken. His name is "Carlos Gutierrez". See the problem? It can be hard to tell by looking differences in nationality - Pakistani or Indian? Cherokee or Hopi? Scotch or Irish?

Also, age. Someone named 'Mabel' who is in that indeterminate 'look' between 30 and 50? You're going to push more to the upper range. Similarly, Agnes, "Bob" (oldest) vs. "Robert" (professional - middle, here) vs. "Bobby" (youngest), or, say, Harold. ... anyway, I'm rambling, but, name + look + a quick glance at hands and dress? This tells you a great deal about someone, and can make you avoid huge missteps.

So. Rapport, 'fishability', and baseline. Smile

"Since God created man, and man created the Transformers, the Transformers are like a gift from God, Randal!" - Elias, from Clerks 2.
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