Why do some atheists convert?
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18-10-2016, 01:24 PM
RE: Why do some atheists convert?
It's not to surprising.

I've meet a few people that that say they were atheists.
Some i believe were lying. Simply to make me think "Well if they accepted it, I must too."
Some did it during there teenage rebellion years. And probably weren't atheists because they read up, or challenge their ideas, but because they didn't like how there parents acted or treated them.

But a few you'll find a tried a former atheists that resort back to old habits. Maybe a loved one died, and the thought of being away from them was just to much to bear. There were moments that I have had relapses. Old habits that were drilled in my brain for more then 20 years of my life. Praying to Saint Anthony everytime I lost something, or a fearing punishment for an action I took. I've been de-converted for 6 years now? Something like that and it's gotten easier.

I always hold out the possibility that I may be wrong. It's just very unlikely.

Don't Live each day like it's your last. Live each day like you have 541 days after that one where every choice you make will have lasting implications to you and the world around you. ~ Tim Minchin
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19-10-2016, 04:23 PM
RE: Why do some atheists convert?
Read this list of converts to Christianity from nontheism :

If you read a biography of these people. You will certainly understand each of them have its own reasons to believe.
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