Why do we protect endangered animals?
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12-04-2012, 04:35 AM
Why do we protect endangered animals?
In theory, protecting endangered species is considered as against nature, as that you are fighting against natural selection.
however, sending a sick child to hospital and have an operation to correct some inherited disease is pretty much the same thing, I guess im not go into that.

However, I do like to ask - Why do we protect endangered animals?

This is not like protecting the rainforest, I mean protecting rainforest have positive impact on our life, so we get more oxygen and those craps. However, an endangered specie that is completely useless towards us in every single way - why protecting them?

Like the Giant Panda - these animals stoped evolving minions of years ago due to small changes in their habitat, I consider them lucky enough to live to this very day. Their specie is weak, and without the minions of money every year from outside aids and the government, the giant panda gonna die in a blink. We spent fortunes to maintain the existence of a neglected specie of nature. Why?

In comparison, if those money were sent to the children of where Panda lives (Szechuan Mountain area is still a poverty zone, and peoples life quality were still like pre-modern time, no electricity, gas, or running water, no road for many villages, travel up to 24 hours to reach hospital, walk 3 miles for school etc etc) , for education, transport, medical attention and food aids (many children still suffers from malnutrition especially in protein, and this have devastating effect as that most Szechuanese girls have no boobs and boys possibly have small penis, which I dont care, small penis wont affect my visual happiness). The life quality of the people would greatly improve which have way better actual impact on our society.

Which would you prefer, few dumb bears (despite they are not quiet in bear family) or millions of people gets electricity, running water, good road for transport, education, medical services, food aid, prettier women, etc etc

Im sure anyone would agree to money to the people. However, humanity is so stupid, that actually most of the world would prefer to save the fcking panda. I mean, why?

Easy - Pandas are cute, they are furry and they are cute (yes, but have you seen when panda hunt people? You give a cuddly image to panda but in reality they still hunt other animal and will attack people to take a juicy bite. dont forgot, they still bears... of some kind)

So, this is the awnser of humanity, rather save some fluffy animal than your fellow homo-sapiens race.

I mean what impact does the Giant Panda really do on our life? You just gonna say, oooh, they cute, and thats it... (except Chinese Government sell them to foreign zoo for fortune ofc...)
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