Why do we protect endangered animals?
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12-04-2012, 07:32 AM (This post was last modified: 12-04-2012 07:36 AM by Dom.)
RE: Why do we protect endangered animals?
It is us who are displacing most animals and plants. By doing so, it is us who are disturbing the eco system, the way nature works together.

Eventually, this will come back to bite us. There is a natural system that has evolved for a very long time and it is fine tuned. Every missing link will affect the whole structure. It is one thing for a species to run out of food because of weather conditions, that is natural selection.

It is another for them to run out of food because we used it for something else or we paved the place where it grew.

Humans are a plague on the planet, they breed like rats and behave like rats and eventually will become totally dependent on synthetic food and materials because we wipe everything natural out.

Used to be the human population was controlled by periodic transmitted diseases that would wipe out vast numbers of the population. But we have conquered nature to a point, enough to make us the worst plague that ever hit the earth.

The problem is that we are getting good at evading natural selection and the rest of life on the planet is not able to compete. So we are slowly but surely destroying ourselves along with our planet.

Perhaps once we are done new species will come and populate the earth and this will start from scratch.

Or, we could evolve and stop breeding like rats and behaving like rats and the human species could continue to live on the planet and so could everything else that is part of the eco system.

Perhaps we will manage to support ourselves without nature, control all aspects we need and discard the rest.

The problem with that is that we make mistakes, we do not know the half of it.

Look for instance at things we did decide to subject totally to human "creation", such as having enough food for all.

Most younger people today do not even know what a tomato tastes like. The tomatoes you can buy commercially (and that even extends to varieties sold in stores to plant in your garden to grow yourself, although they do have more flavor that way) were bred to grow faster, be harder so they don't get injured during picking and mass shipments, respond to artificial application of color (they are red but unripe), grow on bushes rather than vines so space requirements are reduced, are loosely attached to their bush so picking is easy, are resistant to various diseases etc.

What they are not selected for is flavor and nutrition and for the most part people don't even notice anymore, younger people grew up with "card board tomatoes".

If you want to taste an actual tomato, and get the nutrition it provides, you have to buy heirloom seeds that have not been altered and grow them yourself. And, damn are they good!

This hold true for most things. Pork has become flavorless, as have all the other meats. Won't be long and you won't be able to taste the difference between pork and beef. Fruit are flavorless. Most fruit and veggies are naturally sweet - which makes other flavor characteristics that are caused by nutrients palatable. But the way they are mass produced doesn't allow for the sugars to build, and they don't taste good anymore.

Like I said, these are all things we have lost for long enough now so that the younger population is unaware of it.

With the elimination of nature, more and more such losses will sneek into our lives, your children and their children will not know many things that give you pleasure now. The masses will live on flavorless, packaged, enriched foods that are lacking many things that we do not understand now. "Real" food will sell at a prime and be limited to the wealthy. It's already heading that way....

To destroy nature means to give up on many pleasures it provides. Species preservation and living green are feeble attempts at controlling this. What needs to be controlled is procreation, if we stop overrunning the planet like rats then the planet will continue to yield what we need without our having to tinker with everything. Let's face it, we have learned a lot but we don't even understand the simplest things about ourselves, like nutrition.

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Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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