Why don't churches have free WiFi?
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28-06-2012, 07:47 AM
RE: Why don't churches have free WiFi?
There is new church in my area and they have sent their minions out to the commuter rail station in the morning to get all of us lost souls to attend their church. I was thinking of reversing the theme of this thread and hand out free Slayer T-shirts to the fresh faced rubes I've had to face every morning. What do you all think? Will the gift be accepted in the spirit (no pun intended) with which it is given?

" Generally speaking, the errors in religion are dangerous; those in philosophy only ridiculous."
David Hume
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28-06-2012, 08:27 AM
RE: Why don't churches have free WiFi?
Churches do have wifi, it's called prayer.
On a more serious note, the spirit of truth and righteousness, is the ISP called God. If you sincerely want to know the truth, the spirit of God will reveal it to you. If you just want to "debunk" the truth , then you will not find the truth.
I came to this website because I watched a video that suggested thethinkingatheist may be very close to my own understanding of who and what God is.
The video was about eternity. My own understanding is that now is eternity. Now is everything. The past is forever gone and the future has not yet arrived. That leaves us with only now or as it says in the bible.
These three remain faith (in the memories we have NOW of a past that no longer exists) hope (we have NOW for a future that does not yet exist) and love (which is what we must do with our now if we wish to succeed in our pursuit of happiness or the purpose of life).
I became a christian at the age of 20 and for the next 41years sought a better understanding of the purpose and reality of the physical perception of our existence. I believe the teachings of Jesus when viewed in the proper context hold the very simple instructions for finding the purpose of life and fulfilling it. He laid it out in 2 commandments which he siad would fulfill all the laws of Moses, without changing one jot or tittle of them.
1. Love the lord your god (truth and righteousness) above all else ..and
2. Love your neighbor as yourself.
For those who can understand, the secret to knowing truth and righteousness, lies within the golden rule , for therein comes your judgement on what is called judgement day. Jesus taught that God does not judge you for God gave Jesus that authority. Jesus does not judge you for Jesus came into the world to save the world not to judge it. But you will be judged by the truth which you know instinctively because of the golden rule. The judgement comes when you finally are faced with the TRUTHS you have denied all your life.
The above are all you need to know to come to the understanding of the reality and purpose of the physical perception of reality for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Love = truth and righteousness
Wickedness = denial of the truth and righteousness of love.
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