Why is christian debator so shallow? Check this
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12-05-2012, 10:33 AM
Why is christian debator so shallow? Check this
I was arguing with this christian on youtube about gay marriage. oh, great video by the way, +3090232

It was a long argument though, at start he actually manage to gave some valid point like tradition, but after losing on every argument, he seems to gettin pissed off, and his replies starts to make less sense, and this is his last reply
[ cont
intercourse with another man and can only´╗┐ have anal sex that they
don't have the same rights? Of course not. Would you argue that anal sex
should be changed to be legally called intercourse because they wished
to participate in that? Such an idea would be ridiculous. But it is the
same idea as gay marriage. ]

and I was like - W-T-F

Proven God don;t exist, if he does then he would enlighten his dumb children cos they are making Christian look stupid...
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