Why is it ok to hate fat people?
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22-04-2012, 01:34 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
(21-04-2012 10:52 PM)satan69 Wrote:  ...they assume the black kid is innocent just because he is black.

Excuse me? Assumed innocent because he is black? Huh
I don't know what world you live in, but in the U.S. (on Earth) the opposite tends to be the case!
And it's disgraceful.

What the fuck is wrong with you?

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22-04-2012, 03:24 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
(22-04-2012 01:34 AM)Quidsane Wrote:  What the fuck is wrong with you?

Privilege thinking is quite distorted. I have heard some really strange things from people, they just refuse to see things the way they truly are. They don't realise that what they are thinking is them being oppressed is just others being giving equal treatment.

"But the point is, find somebody to love. Everything else is overrated." - HouseofCantor
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22-04-2012, 06:49 AM (This post was last modified: 22-04-2012 06:55 AM by Dom.)
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
(21-04-2012 08:52 PM)Anjele Wrote:  Dom,
Please understand that I never called my friend fat. I was supportive in her endeavors to get healthy, when she was doing those things. I always admired her taste in clothing and jewelry. She was funny, smart as hell, and a pleasure to be around. I didn't ride her about her eating or her weight gain. I worried internally.

I was so impressed at how nicely she did her own hair that I asked her to mine before my wedding. Her smile and laugh were wonderful to witness. My kids loved her to pieces. Maybe that's where their acceptance of overweight people comes from. Just like their acceptance of special needs people comes from growing up around her daughter.

She broke a brand new dining room chair at my house, the leg cracked on a couch of mine, she didn't fit in my car, and struggled to get up the few steps into my home. These things were never mentioned, I knew that she was embarrassed and was beating herself up. I feel certain that similar things happened in other people's homes as well as in public.

I am sorry for the loss of your friend, as I am sorry for the loss of mine.

I have great respect for you and I just want to be sure we are understanding one another.

I know, I feel the same about you.

He was the same, breaking things all the time because of his weight. Not fitting in normal passenger cars. The embarrassment trying to fit was horrible, one didn't have to say anything. He would sneek away early trying to see if he could fit while no one could see his contortions. So sad.

He tried to stay active and got around. He even travelled, although he had to fly first class to fit. Just imagine having to carry 300 extra pounds on your person when you move, every move you make. It's very hard work.

You don't have to say anything to make someone like that feel fat and ugly and clumsy and and and... Embarrassment and fear are constant companions.

They have these TV shows where they make fat people exercise until they drop the weight. What they don't say is that they have extensive medical screening and the fat people they pick have athletic builds and great endurance. For the average fattie such exercise is often fatal. The heart cannot keep up. But apparently the public loves seeing fat people struggling to move. And it creates an attitude where they think all fatties should be sent to boot camp. ( I use the word "fattie" because he called himself that).

I guess what I am getting at is that being extremely obese is as much a choice as being gay. The more you try to lose, the fatter you get. All these before and after pics are great - but what no one shows is 3 year after pics. The few who lose and keep it off are wired differently again, and like I said before, they are athletes. I watched my friend for 10 years, and he was on a diet and excercise regimen some 75% of the time. He got professional help much of that time. He had a lap band operation, he was on low cal diets, low carb diets, a diet where all he ate was watermelons, all kinds of crazy diets as well as ones prescribed by a nutritionist based on body type. He must have lost a good two to three thousand pounds while I was watching. For every 5 pounds he lost he gained 6 back.

Tell me how one can live like that without food totally dominating your thoughts - all the time. His life was a constant struggle.

He was one of the ones who never quit trying, had the money to afford the operations and dieticians and diets that were prescribed. People around him were always very supportive, he got tons of praise for every pound he lost. So he kept trying and failing. The depression that came with the failure, when everyone just ignored what happened to him, was horrible.

I am not saying that every person who is fat has some underlying genetic issue. But what holds true for the majority of fatties is that the more you lose, the more you gain. The pressure is enormous.

Eating disorders are inexplicable to most of us. Anorexics are the same - you want to say: "why don't you just eat something, you know you are dying, just look in the mirror". But it doesn't work that way. Every time they manage to gain a pound, they freak out. But the public feels differently about anorexics, they have pity for them, they look so pathetic. Fatties look like pigs.

These are disorders, and the more you push them towards "normalcy", the more they slip the opposite way. Successes are temporary.

Then you have people who are just fat, not morbidly fat. They manage, and if you enquire, they do not diet and they do not think about food constantly. Their bodies are getting what they want. They settle at an average weight for them and it stays pretty constant. Their bodies adjust and they live. Maybe not as long as someone with a better physical makeup, but they live a decent life span and they do so without all the grief.

I still think that my friend would have been able to maintain a weight that was manageable if he hadn't been compelled to put his body through the constant starvation periods and weight fluctuations. It must be very confusing to a body that starts out demanding more than usual.

He's been dead for two years now, and I still wonder what I could have done to help. I think I regret having encouraged him to diet, I always praised him when he did. It is counter productive. It doesn't work, puts body and mind under enormous stress and the result - a dead person.

I sure hope research will eventually isolate the various physical factors at work here and find remedies for the different causes. The one thing we do know is that one shoe does not fit all, and that diets only work for people who are wired normally and have acquired a bad habit for some reason. Habits you can break, genetics you cannot.

My attitude has sure changed 100% since watching him. He was very smart, funny and kind. A wonderful person in many ways. No one would hire him, so he became a successful entrepreneur. He died at 42.

[Image: dobie.png]Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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22-04-2012, 06:50 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
Only read the whole first page of this thread so some things might have been said already, hope not though.

First things first. I do not hate fat people, but I do say things to my hun like "Please do never let me get that fat" and of course the few times, when I do see people who are so overly fat that the belly looks like the backside, I can not avoid staring at them.
I am sorry. but at least around here, in Europe generally, it is not so common to be supersized. there are lots of people overweight or obese, but not as extreme as I heard about USA (or saw in varios reports etc). So as you do not see it so much, of course you will looks and wonder how it got that far.

Second thing I wanna talk about is how some get fat / can't lose weight....

So there are indeed some genetic factors. Example, I once saw a BBC documentation about American Indians and how they tend to get fat when they live the "normal" American live. Because they are built for a lot of hard work (no offense!). They said in the documentation, that before the Americans settled, they used to be very hard working and their genetics are by now built for that.
Another documentation had an experiment in it where they had slim people try and gain weight. There was an Asian guy who did not gain weight by eating way over his normal intake. He gained muscle instead. This was also something genetic.

Another reason is addiction. They make you feel oh so happy for a moment.
They you realize, that you just ate something that will make you fat at some point and you feel bad for it, so to feel better you have a piece of chocolate as your body learnt that chocolate makes you feel better... downwards spiral into a chocolate / eating - addiction.

Others are simply too lazy to cook healthy. The stuff you can buy and pop into the microwave is cheep-ish fills you up and is not time consuming. But it has so much chemics and fat and sugar in it, and all the shit.

Others are too lazy to move. Even walking to the supermarket down the road is too much sometimes, let's just take the car, eh? Not only an environmental issue, it is also bad for you. Moving doesn't only keep you on a ok weight, it also is really good for your health.

And of course those people with mental issues. Will eat something because it just comforts them to taste something nice, to prepare the food and see how nice it comes out and then eat it. Wonderful experience when you are mentally ill, especially for depressive people.

I have more examples but I think these are the main "branches"

Now about myself.
I used to be really slim and sporty. Then came the depressive time and I started eating.... then came the time when I worked out like crazy and lost weight again and felt really good in my body, then came the time when I got lazy and ate unhealthy shit and I gained again (more than ever before), then came a time when I lost a bit because there was just not enough money to buy lots of food. Right now I am back at my all time top weight... I do not feel well in that body, but I am not supersized fat. I have a belly. Like many people who get out of their teen years and gain, I did too.

Good thing, I love sport and now I found a fitness center that offers everything I like. So downwards is in sight.

I don't think fat people should be mocked but I do think that it should not be a taboo to tell them "you should not eat this candy, look at your belly" just like you can tell a smoker "you should not smoke, your lungs get tared". But for some reason, fat people, more than anyone else with health issue, take it really personal. A smoker will just say that you are right but <insert excuse> while a fat personal will tell you that you just crossed the line and will get mad at you because you dared to voice your concerns.

So, yeah, sorry but if one of you is a friend or family member (so I do care) I will voice my concerns when I see that your supersized body becomes a problem for you health. And I'd rather have someone important to me be pissed but realize and act, but be happy with me and die from obesety related issues.

Captain Underpants
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22-04-2012, 07:09 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
leela,you have it backwards. smokers are vile worthless trash because they blow their carcinogens in your face, and think they have a right to do it. you should tell them- i hope you get cancer and die a slow fucking death. fat people dont hurt you. they hurt themselves. if you see a fat person at mcdonalds, you have no right to tell them anything. they arent bothering you. people have a right to destroy themselves as long as they dont hurt you. its the libertarian way. you must be a obama fan. trying to run everyones life and tell them you know better. like those fat slobs dr phil and michelle obama trying to give diet advice. the nerve of that fat cunt michelle trying to tell us what we have to eat. she is a fat fucking slob, and of course being a democrat, thinks she knows whats best for us.
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22-04-2012, 07:38 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
My best friend in the world who is like a sister to me is obese and I don't think it's okay to make fun of or to hate fat people. She was essentially born without a functioning thyroid. She's tried every diet out there and even considered weight loss surgery but she's afraid to do it because her mother died from gastric bypass surgery after developing a postoperative infection.

On the other hand, my parents and my husband's parents who are very deeply religious have a deep seated hatred for fat people. I have to endure their criticism of the overweight women in their church every time we go over for Sunday lunch. My brother was upset two weeks ago over a woman who gained 50 pounds in her last pregnancy and is pregnant again now before losing the pregnancy weight. WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF HIS? He and my mother view being fat as the sin of gluttony. My in-laws hate fat people so much and found it to be a personal failure on their part that my sister-in-law was overweight that they pressured her into lap-band surgery last year. She had to have the device removed when she nearly died from the band slipping and eroding her esophagus. Now she has to go back in for more surgery as her incision continues to open up and get infected. All this because of religion. It sickens me that they couldn't teach their daughter to love herself no matter what weight she was. Angry
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22-04-2012, 07:41 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
Satan... go fuck yourself man seriously. You're a total dick.
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22-04-2012, 07:44 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
your pointing out a example of someone having a thyroid problem. thats a legit excuse and she will be obese the rest of her life because of it. who said life was fair. you should tell your family why did god make her born w/o a thyroid. they should shut up then.
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22-04-2012, 07:55 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
At my age i have found myself gaining weight and just hate it. I do all I can to try to keep it off. I never eat any carryout. I eat only low fat foods. Whole grain and small portions. I try not to eat to many carbs. I cant remember the last time I have eat a potato. I don't eat chips (crisp for the UK people) and never anything fried. Yet I still gain weight very slowly. I feel it is a loosing battle. It just is my genetics and no matter how much I fight it I will gain weight. I am in no way obsessed but I would be 25 lbs over weight or 2 stone. How can someone look at me and just hate the sight of me. If anyone knows how I can loose my weight please tell me. I walk as much as I can. I am disabled and even walking causes great pain.

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22-04-2012, 08:01 AM
RE: Why is it ok to hate fat people?
you're eating too many calories. period.low fat, high fat, carbs, no carbs.... doesnt matter. the energy you use everyday isnt enough to put you in a deficit. start counting what you eat everyday and subtract 500 calories until you start losing.
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