Why must I have emotions and feelings
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20-05-2016, 03:35 PM
RE: Why must I have emotions and feelings
(17-05-2016 06:43 PM)CosmicRaven Wrote:  How do I know if someone is right or not? >.<

Trust your instincts young Jedi.

Actually, that's crap advise. Your instincts are based on percolating hormones and haven't done any clear thinking. There are some instincts that might serve you well but they're probably the ones saying, "This person feels wrong!"

There's no simple answer. If there were the world would be a lot simpler and probably a lot duller. A few questions that can help:

- Do they accept you for who you are? A relationship where somebody is going to try and change you will be gruesome.

- Do they make you feel good about yourself? And why? Everybody feels giddy at the prospect of a new relationship but if they aren't doing something to contribute to that feeling then it's all you.

- Do they do small things? The big flashy extravagant gestures are easy. Any fool can pick a fancy restaurant or a sparkly ring. The small gestures that are unique to you demonstrate thought and attentiveness. It is an indicator of whether or not they get you. And whether or not they're trying.

- What do you talk about? Small talk is easy and sweet nothings can be found in a host of books. Do you only talk about them? Do you only talk about you? Do you talk about the trivially absurd and the deeply meaningful? Do they get your sense of humour and do you get theirs?

- Do they make you laugh? And not just at somebody else' expense?

Those might help, but truth be told you'll probably end up mixed up with a few that aren't right for you. It happens. Don't be afraid to break up if it's obviously wrong. Better to leave before a relationship gets poisoned and damage is done.

Flesh and blood of a dead star, slain in the apocalypse of supernova, resurrected by four billion years of continuous autocatalytic reaction and crowned with the emergent property of sentience in the dream that the universe might one day understand itself.
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20-05-2016, 03:36 PM
RE: Why must I have emotions and feelings
(20-05-2016 03:06 PM)CosmicRaven Wrote:  
(20-05-2016 10:40 AM)Adrianime Wrote:  Hahaha, this cracks me up. Yes, more often than not, the more you learn about somebody the less attractive they become. Infatuation only takes you so far.

Yeah. XD I do agree that it does happen.

How do I know the difference between some infatuation and when I'm actually interested in a person?

You make a few mistakes. Mainly, infatuation is a fleeting thing, and you later recognize that the person you thought was nice from far is in fact far from nice. I had a friend like that once. Very nice looking girl. Only after a few moments conversation you realise she's rather... out to lunch. She's a member of my running club and I can't avoid her sometimes Undecided

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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20-05-2016, 11:49 PM
RE: Why must I have emotions and feelings
I thought I was in love with my first live-in GF (I was 19) -- but it turns out, I think, that I wasn't. I think as I've gotten older I've gotten a clearer idea of what it means to love and to be in love.

The hard part about love is that it is always a gamble, and there's no removing that uncertainty. As a result, I've come to the conclusion that it's better to be comfortable inside myself and make sure that any emotional risk I take is calculated insofar as that is possible.

TL/DR: head over heels usually finds you falling on your ass. Go slow. If it's love it will wait, and survive the wait.
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21-05-2016, 04:27 AM (This post was last modified: 21-05-2016 04:30 AM by EvolutionKills.)
RE: Why must I have emotions and feelings
(17-05-2016 03:20 PM)CosmicRaven Wrote:  I don't know. It's too crazy. >.< I feel too much.

Have you ever seen Equilibrium? You should totally watch Equilibrium. Thumbsup

Basic Premise? A near future Utopian society is created by chemically repressing all human emotions, which were seen to be the cause of all human strife and conflict. This is done by multiple daily doses of a drug, self administered by the population. Order and compliance is both maintained and enforced by the Gramaton Clerics, an elite police force tasked with locating 'sense offenders' (those who refuse to assimilate and would rather maintain their emotions) and destroying them; they are empowered to be judge, jury, and executioners. Now because this is a post Matrix sci-fi action movie, they're also master of a very showy and badass form of combat known as gun-kata; because of course they are. Tongue

Christian Bale is just one such Cleric, in fact he's the very best. Until something happens that causes him to miss a dosage of the emotionally repressing drug, and his life quickly begins to unravel before him.

Also, Sean Bean is in it. Take a guess how long it takes him to die.

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