Why should prostitution be illegal?
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11-01-2013, 06:51 PM (This post was last modified: 11-01-2013 07:03 PM by Logica Humano.)
RE: Why should prostitution be illegal?
(11-01-2013 03:40 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  
(11-01-2013 02:01 PM)Logica Humano Wrote:  Ron Paul is a clear example of the anarcho-capitalists and uneducated anti-federalists masquerading as Libertarians.
Well that says a lot about you. If someone differs from your political philosophy they are by definition uneducated? Get off your fucking high-horse. Anti-federalism is a logical result of Libertarianism/Classical Liberalism...no masquerading involved. Ideally Libertarians would also like to have small government at the state level as well, but your can affect things at the state level much easier than you can at the fed level, it's easier to change things that don't work, and more importantly what your state laws are better reflects what it's people want. It also means if you don't like the way things are done at the state level you can just pack your shit and leave to a state that's doing things the way you feel they ought to be done. In effect if you have shitty laws, your population and its money is going to move with it. If you have practical laws that suit the people well, you can expect success. Right now the hands of the states are tied by the federal government which is overstepping its bounds and encroaching on the rights of its citizens. If that were to happen with more independent states you can always say "Fuck off!" and leave. It is true that you can do that now and move to a new country, but not nearly as fucking easily. Basically states can better and more efficiently solve their problems and assert their laws to govern their problems.
less bureaucrats=more efficiency (time, money and productivity)
I said uneducated anti-federalists, and unless you don't consider yourself an educated anti-federalist, I suggest you stop taking things so personally.

The problem with your ideals:
A) It is more expensive and more difficult to move than you think it is.
B) The state right next door might view things differently, thereby creating major legal issues.
C) Federal mandates mean balls-to-shit.

I'd like to go into more detail, but it is 2am and must say, "Balls to this."

If you think I am being arrogant and pompous because I believe the majority of anti-federalists are foolish dolts who are living in a bygone era, I recommend you research time travel technology. We don't live in a nonindustrial America anymore.

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