Why should prostitution be illegal?
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13-01-2013, 04:13 AM
RE: Why should prostitution be illegal?
(11-01-2013 06:16 PM)Diablo Wrote:  How are 50 sovereign states & 1 Fed less govt than 50 states with one superseding Fed govt?

Sounds about the same, if not more.

PS: You can move out of the US as well. It wouldn't be much different than moving to another state.

With fifty state governments, you can move to the state that appeals to you most. One giant fed government and it becomes a police state. Look at what we are seeing now with our fed. It is growiung at an alarming rate. We have super computers that listen for key words on every phone call. Predator drones that are now being used within our own borders. The fed sneaks stuff in with the promise that it won't be used in certain ways so they get the votes they need, then amend it to do what they wanted in the first place without another vote. I remember distinctly that seat belt used to not exist. The seat belt laws were first brought about with the promise that they would never be a primary offense. This got the votes they needed. Then I don't even think it was 3 months before they changed the law without another vote and made it a primary offense. They even started having check points where they check on only whether or not you have your seatbelt on. NJ used to not have any income tax. That came about by the governor at the time pleading with the people and promising that it would only be for 2 years to get caught up on debt. That didn't last 6 months before they changed it without a second vote and made it permanent. The patriot act. They made that up to supposedly watch terrorists. Now they use it to watch everyone. At least with independent state governments, we can slow it down. Maybe most of us can grow old and die before the fed takes over completely and we live in a country similar to every third world country out there. Of course you will all chalk this up to crazy conspiracy theories, but I know my history.
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