Why so much Satanism all over the forum?
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30-11-2012, 03:56 PM (This post was last modified: 30-11-2012 04:49 PM by GirlyMan.)
RE: Why so much Satanism all over the forum?
(30-11-2012 02:44 PM)Irishdize Wrote:  
(30-11-2012 01:51 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  "Mystical" diminishes metaphysics and suggests that it is somehow incapable of being considered rigorously in a serious and rational manner. That is not the case.

For atheists, it's highly individualized, necessarily. My metaphysics is nothing like Chas', for example, even though neither of us believe in some bullshit God. Theists tend to clump together in groups according to a common metaphysics. That's not gonna happen with atheists, it just can't. The only thing atheists really share is a rejection of the possibility of a common metaphysical position.

Ok, well thanks for answering, I learned something new!
So, Its just a matter of figuring out what my position is. Smile

I personally wouldn't spend too much time on figuring and fixing it in position, 'cause whatever and wherever you think it is now, it's gonna fucking move. ... At least that's been my experience. YMMV. ... Look at Girly using contemporary abbreviations and shit. Big Grin

Just because I'm an atheist doesn't mean there aren't people who should pray for their sorry ass to be saved.
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