Why the media is promoting islam.
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04-07-2016, 08:35 AM
RE: Why the media is promoting islam.
(03-07-2016 09:12 PM)rosechaos Wrote:  
(30-06-2016 07:00 PM)BnW Wrote:  The Guardian article is simply refuting the idea that all Muslims are terrorists. Unless you are changing your argument to "all Muslims are terrorists", that article doesn't help your argument . And, if you are arguing that all Muslims are terrorists, I refer you to the article you posted that shows otherwise.

Those other 2 links fall under the "what the fuck?" category. Here's a reality check for you: there is plenty of outrage over Islamic terrorists. Here's another reality check: the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists.

And, at no additional charge, here's an observation about you: you're a bigoted scumbag.

the guardian post is promoting islam by convincing people that there is good muslims... ( okay you seem not understanding what i'm saying so im making it simple ) well for examples MALCOME X is a muslim who is Pro-freedom .but in actual islam freedom is not really accepted regardless if you are a muslim or none. you gotta obey the Islamic rules SO HE'S BEING GOOD BECAUSE HE AIN'T REALLY DOING WHAT ISLAM ASKED HIM TOO and in islam if you didn't do that you are infidel or hypocritical and you should get killed buddy... thats what's up

Yep, that cleared it right up. Facepalm

So, I've drawn two conclusions:
1. You are nearly illiterate
2. you are a bigot

Thanks for stopping by.

I know I was born and I know that I'll die. The in between is mine.
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