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09-11-2010, 07:14 PM

Well, we didn't need any more evidence as to the illegality of US operations in Iraq (the war from the get go was illegal). What bothers me is that nobody seems to care. The Pentagon is branding this man as a traitor endangering US lives (even though Pentagon letters confirm that no operations have been compromised by this leak), and everyone else moves on.

It is natural for the domestic sphere to be the concentration of attention, but the powers that be have so artfully diverted our attention from foreign policy for so long that we simply no longer care. The Tea Partiers are so cute in their little costumes and their supposed anger at the tyranny of the government, yet the party they support (and don't doubt for one second that this is just a ploy engineered by Republicans as just another fad of populist anger to get themselves re-elected) is consistently adamant about protecting the rights of the corporations and not the people.

How easily we let George Bush out of office. We laughed at him, but this is no laughing matter. Obama said he wanted to "focus on the future" (AKA shut up and forget about it; look, squirrel!). Obama has continued to enact nearly an identical foreign policy strategy as George Bush, and I find him no less guilty of whatever charges accompany these offenses.

Anyways, I'm angry. Not only because of what is actually going on, but because it seems like nobody else is angry with me. Have people forgotten so quickly? The wars are NEVER in the headlines. This continuous election cycle has a clever way of sucking all the attention of the media (which in any case is designed to keep the people divided and distracted) away from the important issues.

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10-11-2010, 06:45 PM
RE: Wikileaks
I'm angry. I'm absolutely fucking outraged, actually. We now have had two American presidents who have sworn to uphold the Constitution that have signed orders granting the US government to assassinate an American citizen without any due process at all. We've not seen the level of transparency we were promised, and no one is ever held accountable. Governing is all about politics and managing the 24/7/365 news cycle and it has little to do with honesty working for the people whom you represent.

Obama and Bush are a joke and they are the same joke.

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