Will Syrian Rebels attack Israel to get US intervention?
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12-09-2013, 09:25 AM
Will Syrian Rebels attack Israel to get US intervention?
The rebels are not happy with the possibility of bombing Assads forces being called off, they have used every trick in the book for 2 years to get western support. Fake pictures, chemical attacks (the previous ones we know were from rebels) fake stories, fake news reports on US mainstream media. The rebels are losing the war very badly against assays forces.

What is left but for the rebels to attack Israel then the west can blame it on Assad.

The pretext for war currently has been worn out and is dead at this point. The west and the terrorists need a new pretext for war.......hence the attack on Israel by rebels will happen and then the west will say "see assad is a bad guy, he attacked Israel for no reason we gotta go get the bad guys america hop rah".

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