Wisdom in Buddhism
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13-08-2014, 09:40 PM
Wisdom in Buddhism

Buddhist meditation helped me a lot. The branches of Buddhism where they worship something never appealed to me but Originally Buddhism did not involve the Worship of any God. People often mistaken Buddhism for the worship of Buddha. They also mistaken Buddha for a fat guy when he was actually extremely thin and would go on fasts that almost caused him to starve to death.

Buddhist meditation of reaching a point where the mind no longer desires anything, no longer worries, and is completely still , brought me a peace and even slight euphoric feelings of well being at times. Sometimes that state was impossible to achieve. Othertimes the mind became silent and I could control what came in and out of the mind. The ability to achieve this state of mind increases the more you practice (like anything).

Sadly I didn't stick with it. If you take just ten minutes a day to meditate it will strengthen certain areas of the brain and you will grow in your ability to practice control of the mind which can be extremely helpful in situations where you need to focus on one thing and block everything else out; In situations where you're upset about something , it can help to get it completely off the mind to no longer have the negative emotions associated with it (that are bad for the health as well).

No matter what I'm doing, the mind is not completely focused on it. When I worked fast food, it was so tough during rush times, because my mind is thinking about unrelated things rather than focusing on what needs attention. Meditation helped me concentrate better without distractions or getting side tracked.

It enabled me to have a disciplined mind that could focus on one thing and to not let the mind drift and chase after every thought.

At any rate, I’d recommend Buddhist meditation to anyone, Theist or Atheist.

Buddhist Philosophy

Life is learning and involves self-study, self-mastery, self-discipline, learning from others, learning from nature, and learning from society. Another goal is learning compassion, learning reality, and eventuallly the end goal is to forget about oneself and become one with everything. Much emphasis is placed on humility. Being proud will cause you much grief and make shortcommings, weaknesses, failure, and embarrassment unbearable.

Self-conquest is another goal. Many people never actuallly discover who they are. After discovering oneself, We then learn to control our emotions, control our thoughts, and control our mouths (become more aware of our speech). We are also become more aware of how we communicate to others through posture, body language, fascial expression, and tone of voice. When we learn to speak more from the heart, our words have more power and people will be more interested in listening and taking to heart what is being said.

An enlightened person will be an inspiration to others without even being aware of it or putting effort into appearing a certain way. It will be natural and others will know that it is genuine. Buddhism also tries to get one to learn the right time. If you try to make a flower bloom before it's time you will destroy it. "Haste makes waste."

Buddhist philosophy is also about accepting whatever happens as the best thing for you. Being angry, resentful, or full of regret about what you cannot control, or constantly dwelling on what you should have done differently will get you no where. If you accept the negative circumstance and believe that it is for the greater good, you will be stronger and the most good that can come forth from the misfortune will. Attitude is everything. One must accept that life will be full of disappointment, failure, suffering, frustration, and loss. But Every Cloud has a silver lining!

Buddhism also requires someone you trust who will be a good mentor and correct you and help you on the journey. *Gong*
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13-08-2014, 10:10 PM
RE: Wisdom in Buddhism
Very nice Matt. When I'm not so sleepy, imma gonna read it through. Smile

Be true to yourself. Heart
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13-08-2014, 10:22 PM (This post was last modified: 14-08-2014 08:52 AM by Wicked Clown.)
RE: Wisdom in Buddhism
(13-08-2014 10:10 PM)Deidre32 Wrote:  Very nice Matt. When I'm not so sleepy, imma gonna read it through. Smile

Hey Hottie! Heart
You were the one who inspired it lol. It was my response to your exploration of Buddhism thread.

Is it about 12:30 AM where you are at?

Well, Good night Dee! *Smootches* Smile
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