Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale gets an update.
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03-03-2010, 04:45 AM
Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale gets an update.
Many of us have a bathroom scale stashed away somewhere (which would normally be in the bathroom itself, hence its name), but how many of us step on it with trepidation? We are often afraid of the numbers that greet us, and is one of the few instances where more is not necessarily better (unless you’re trying to bulk up after drinking all those protein shakes and pressing iron for hours on end at the gym). Well, time has passed, and the ordinary bathroom scale received minor upgrades which includes a digital display over the last decade, culminating in the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale. Well, it looks as though the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale has received an update, making it the first Wi-Fi-connected personal scale in the world that boasts integration with the Google Health service. In a nutshell, the Withings WiFi Body Scale is capable of providing updates to a user’s Google Health profile in real-time thanks to its integrated Wi-Fi connection.
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