Women. You have men by the balls. No one can network like you..
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15-03-2013, 12:53 PM
RE: Women. You have men by the balls. No one can network like you..
(15-03-2013 09:44 AM)bbeljefe Wrote:  
(15-03-2013 07:39 AM)Greatest I am Wrote:  No argument on most of what you said.

You forget what we know of the African tribes in terms of ritual warfare and how they only fought for territory and resources.
Also, if you consider how many of the more Eastern city states, living in finite resourced areas would have had to resort to child sacrifice as population control then your thinking would change. That is likely why religions first invented prostitution and tried to make procreation a religious ritual.
I hope you have the time to take a look. Let me give you two links, one short and the other long, unfortunately, to illustrate my points.
You should remember as well that even up to the middle ages, warfare was often initiated to just get rid of the excessive and young population.
I don't forget those things, I disagree with them. Those presumptions are and almost always have been made by historians and archaeologists who don't have any understanding of psychology. It's easy to assume that people were fighting over resources and murdering children for population control when you look at some remains without the benefit of understanding what motivates people. The bottom line is that war doesn't pay off. It costs more in resources, both human and material, than it benefits the victor. That's not to say that there weren't warring tribes because there certainly were. But the fact is that they didn't war with one another over food or land. They fought because they were superstitious and we have modern evidence of that truth in places like Papua New Guinea. When people with a psychological understanding have interviewed the members of primitive tribes there, an entirely different story than what archaeologists and historians posit emerges. Childrearing is brutal there and the results are adults who, as I mentioned above, are either schizoid or psychotic. Ritual human sacrifice and infanticide are not practiced for population control. Sacrifice is religious in nature and infanticide happens more often than not because the mother is afraid of the child she has just given birth to... usually she fears that it is possessed by demons and that she must kill it in order to save herself and her other children. Likewise, many more female infants are killed than are males because they believe women to possess demonic powers. Which, by the way, is the reason why women are so often portrayed as monsters devouring children in art of all times through history.

In short, humanity has done itself a huge disservice by basing our assumptions about historical societies on how we think at the time we dig up a ruin. For instance, you and many others presume that children were sacrificed for the purpose of population control because that's the only reason you think you would resort to doing something like that. The problem with that assumption is that humans even as little as a hundred years ago didn't do all things for the same reasons we do them today... or don't do them, as the case may be. One simply can't just imagine how they thought and what their motivations were a thousand, ten thousand or a hundred thousand years ago with no comprehensive understanding of psychology.
No argument that superstition and other conditions cause infanticide. Population control in finite resourced areas is but one.
As to war to get rid of the young. I stand by that statement and point to the middle ages when wars were fought to basically try to capture the rich leaders for ransom. A gentleman's war, so to speak.
Some historians have re-enacted or analysed some battles to see why a greater force was defeated by a smaller one and they have shown to their satisfaction that capture and ransom or the failure to capture those they would ransom aided in their defeat.


"the greatness of a city rests on the multitude of its inhabitants and their power," but pointed out that a population cannot increase beyond its food supply. If this limit was approached, late marriage, emigration, and war would serve to restore the balance.

He wrote: "The strongest witness is the vast population of the earth to which we are a burden and she scarcely can provide for our needs; as our demands grow greater, our complaints against Nature's inadequacy are heard by all. The scourges of pestilence, famine, wars and earthquakes have come to be regarded as a blessing to overcrowded nations, since they serve to prune away the luxuriant growth of the human race."

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