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Wondering if I am still in the anger stage of realizing my faith is bunk
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11-09-2013, 04:22 AM (This post was last modified: 11-09-2013 06:00 AM by DemonicLemon.)
Wondering if I am still in the anger stage of realizing my faith is bunk
Short version, can't stop imagining myself fighting and defeating Yahweh.

Long version, with earlier events:
I used to identify as a Roman Catholic up til mid-2010. I stopped being such when I had the realization that I didn't agree with Christianity on the LGBT area, and if I didn't believe in one thing, I may as well drop the rest of it.

From there I became a Deist. The only argument I was willing to accept was "something started this universe." That was up until I started to read into the concept of Vicarious Autotheism.

My personal brand of Deism involved a character named Frank. He lives in a universe populated by being just as powerful as he is. To pass the time, he plays a universe simulator on his computer, so either he doesn't know about life in the universe, or simply doesn't care of the NPC's on that blue pixel, or his interface is limited. That universe happens to be ours, and HIS universe being part of a much more powerful computer, and that one inside and even larger computer, and it's computers all the way up.

I felt this was plausible because Frank was basically me. A guy on his own living in a world populated with beings with his potential, if not magnitudes better, playing simulation games.

Now, I identify as an "atheist anti-theist", both with a hate towards religion, but also to the god-figure I once was led to believe (Yahweh, not Frank).

Irrationally, I often fixate on harming this character, even making up a rationalization on how I could do it (the reason being that if god made us in his image, then our bodies and beliefs are the only things holding us back). Media like God of War and Asura's Wrath also interest me due to the idea of raging against the gods of that world. My favorite bible verses is even Genesis 32:24-30, simply because god gets his ass kicked.

Other times, I would wish to have god-like powers myself just to fix a ton of problems, to build a utopia, spread the power equally to every sentient being in the universe, or even a combination of the above. It's not uncommon for the above paragraph and this current one to overlap at times.

Now, I ask you all reading this. Is this a problem for anyone, or is it okay to imagine all this without many problems in the future?
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