Words Of Inspiration.... I Think
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16-12-2011, 05:39 PM
RE: Words Of Inspiration.... I Think
(14-12-2011 10:06 AM)FlashbackToWinter Wrote:  So I've noticed a sharp rise in bullying, insults, etc. in high school. Kids have no morales now a days, im 17 and no right from wrong.
It's always been that way. Kids riding the waves of hormone-addled insecurities are going to lash out at anyone they can find the excuse to lash out at.

I'm not excusing them, but can look at them and their clouded judgements and know that they (unless they are actual psychopaths) will regret their actions some day, while your conscience is clear.

Since highschool, I've gotten a lot of apologies from the people who used to torment me. If they are decent human beings, they will realize that what they did was wrong. Until then, stay safe, protect yourself if need be, let people in charge know that you are being harassed (who knows, they might actually do something about it!) and focus on outlasting it. You don't have much highschool left. Don't let them win.

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