Worried Teen
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20-01-2013, 04:50 PM
RE: Worried Teen
(20-01-2013 01:15 PM)bbeljefe Wrote:  "I know keeping quiet and pretending to be religious is a small price to pay to keep my otherwise good parents happy."

A few questions...

If I dropped quarters in every homeless person's cup, helped little old ladies across the street, was employee of the month 12 months out of the year and went home every day and beat the shit out of my wife would you say that I was an "otherwise" good person?

What price were your parents willing to pay in order that their children were raised without the burden of mental disease, confusion and ambivalence?

What responsibility does an innocent child have to adults who terrify them with lies about invisible beings who will torture them for eternity?
I think he knows all this, but of course he loves his parents too. That's part of the issue. If he can be financially independent, he may gain the distance to look closer... (sounds contradictory, doesn't it, lol)

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