Wrinkles & Grey Hair Thread
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22-04-2016, 05:04 PM
RE: Wrinkles & Grey Hair Thread
(22-04-2016 04:21 PM)Dark Light Wrote:  Well - I think I took my first official step in being old yesterday. I was hoeing my yard for planting some grass seed. The corner of it is very rocky and compact, and then it happened. I hurt my back - but I was almost done, so I decided to tough it out. 5 minutes later I was hunched over and writhing. The pain was damn near unbearable. I couldn't even walk without help. My lovely wife helped me get inside, ran me a scorching hot bath (and helped me get into it), feed me ibuprofen, rum and coke, and massaged me. I literally had tears rolling out off my checks, awful pain. One day later, a few hot baths, more ibuprofen and I'm still sore, but feeling much better. Taking it easy for a few days.

Bummer! Check around online, there are exercises to strengthen your back. I'm doing them these days, as I have had recurring back pain for years. (I AM old, though- 63)
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