You can't choose your family...
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14-04-2014, 07:30 PM
RE: You can't choose your family...
(14-04-2014 09:26 AM)itsnotmeitsyou Wrote:  ... but you can choose to not associate with them.

This past weekend, I got into a screaming match with one of my relatives. It got ugly and heated and I ended up storming out.

The argument was about things that she has said and done to disrespect me and others in the family. I have repeatedly, politely, made me views on certain activities abundantly clear. The last time I said anything I stated that the conversation was over and that any further pushing would be met with being told to fuck off. She pushed, I told her to fuck off. Now she'd demanding that I give her an apology for doing exactly as I said I would do. Not gonna fucking happen. When she demanded the apology, my vision went red and my fists balled up. I had to leave to avoid punching her. She still insists that she has done nothing wrong and demands an apology for standing up for myself.

So, since she's the de facto matriarch of our family and all family functions happen at her house, I am no longer comfortable going to any get togethers. This has added to my anger and sadness.

I know that I am not in the wrong here, but years of guilt trips and manipulative behavior have caused that little voice in the back of my head to nag me about talking back to an elder.

Thanks for reading my rant. Just needed to vent a bit.

No indeed you can't.
Where things don't get too volatile, you can make an attempt at compromise. Takes two.
In some instances really manipulative people can put your blood pressure up and make you physically ill, even endangering your life.......
Some situations, if unbearable, may only be solved by keeping completely separatedFacepalm
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