You favorite discontinued/canceled series/movies
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10-12-2012, 06:54 AM
You favorite discontinued/canceled series/movies
It's simple, tell us what movies or series did you start watching and then the sequel or the next season never came out, but you strongly think they should be continued. Here is my list...


Golden compass - a really nice movie, with cool characters, OK plot, overall a nice fantasy movie that desperately needed a sequel to finish the story.

Star Wars - of shit, look, they will be coming out... Ignore this. Laughat

Batman - I love this new Batman, too bad we won't be seeing more of these movies.


The Carnivale - Shocking Shit. This is one of the ... scratch that, the best fucking series that ever got out and they stopped making it? Why? How? What happened to their brains? Logic? The story just got to the most interesting part of the whole 2 seasons they made and then ... PUFF ... it just stopped. Jees!

Legend of the Seeker - OK, this one is for relaxation and afternoon chill, but it was a pretty good fantasy series. The girls were AMAZINGLY beautiful and sexy, the story is OK, classical fantasy hero stuff, everything was made rather good, I presume that even the male actors are handsome and they have that crazy wizard and you will never guess who plays him. Bruce Spence. You know, that guy that flies the only plane in Mad Max trilogy... A crazy guy...

Less important canceled series:

Heroes - This one is a stretch. First, Heroes kinda ended. Sure they could have gone forth, but they watered down in the last season so much, that people were actually glad it was over. It could be in this list, only if they were to make something as interesting as the first season was and with more future Hiro ninja badass.

Terra Nova - What? I just found out it was cancelled as well. OK, this is not something to cry about, but I think it was original enough to see what happens...

The Cape - Simple, easy, funny, a nice show to watch. Nothing special, but nice.

Something out of the competition: Smile

Star Trek - Any series. They could just keep on filming it. When Enterprise ended I nearly cried. I am just finishing TNG and I feel like crying already, luckily there are movies after the TNG, then I have DS9 and a lot of other nice things to look forward to.

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