"You've just chosen a different religion, science"
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19-01-2013, 09:32 AM
RE: "You've just chosen a different religion, science"
(17-01-2013 12:01 PM)FICKLEish Wrote:  I think the point was that if science has been wrong before, then science can be wrong now.

Yes, this is absolutely the case. When Christians slander us for not believing in absolute truth, what they're actually saying is that it would be uncomfortable to never be absolutely certain of anything -- and it is uncomfortable. So what? If you want to deal with the truth, that's simply one of the things that you have to face. Or you can believe in fiction with conviction and never face that discomfort -- and never be right, as well.

Scientists will point out that, even though science makes corrections, it's more of a "sharpening" or "focusing" rather than a 180. For instance, every time there's a new estimate for the age of the universe, it isn't because we simply change our beliefs but because our estimate gets better.

The example I heard is estimating how far away a local city is from where you're standing. You could probably guess within a few miles. If you measured it by driving your car, it would probably change your answer by making it more exact (to within a 10th of a mile). If you measured it with a tape measure, your answer would change to something even more precise to within an inch. Every time your answer is changing, but it's not because the methods that you used before were "wrong" (or that you yourself were wrong) but because they were less exact than tools now available to you.

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