YouTube argument with intelligent Christian
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07-12-2013, 01:00 AM
RE: YouTube argument with intelligent Christian
(28-11-2013 12:37 PM)undergroundp Wrote:  I know it's harsh, but I'm seriously starting to think there are no "intelligent Christians". Well, in general, no "intelligent religious people". If someone is actually intelligent (I have smart friends who are somehow religious) are either not very religious, or they don't admit that they doubt their religion. That's usually because of fear. My best friend is not very religious but she does believe in God and still says that she believes because she was "brought up this way".

Sorry for not answering your question but the title just made me want to say this.

I'm not quite as harsh, but I do go as far as to say that "intellectual Christian" is an oxymoron. Shocking

"Intelligent", yes, Christians can be, as is evidenced by so many of them having occupations that take real intelligence, but mere intelligence does not make an intellectual. Intellectualism can be described as synonymous with rationality, reason and truth.

There is absolutely nothing rational or reasonable about the foundation of Christianity, viz; an invisible three headed deity sends down an invisible angel to impregnate a young virgin girl with divine sperm which causes her to give birth to a god, in human form, solely for the purpose of being sacrificed to pay for the sins of all humans who are said to be born sinners because of a mythical couple eating fruit from a knowledge tree. The god in human form is duly sacrificed and when dead goes back up to heaven to be with himself again. So now, if you bow down, worship the godman, sing silly songs, give money to the church, repent of your sins, try and convince others that you know the truth, then you will upon death, ascend to heaven and spend eternity in worship of the triple-headed invisible entity. If you don't carry out the worship and belief, then sadly you will spend eternity in a place of fire called hell, along with all of the other 6 billion people alive on this planet today, who will also go to hell because they don't follow or believe in Jesus.

Find me a Christian who fulfills the definition of "intellectual" and I'll show you a non-believer.

Actually, surely even an intelligent person couldn't believe that nonsense?

"To think of what the world has suffered from superstition, from religion, from the worship of beast and stone and god, is
almost enough to make one insane."

Robert G. Ingersoll
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08-12-2013, 07:52 PM (This post was last modified: 08-12-2013 07:56 PM by anonymous66.)
RE: YouTube argument with intelligent Christian
I've met some intelligent Christians. But, they don't appear to want to be dissuaded from their beliefs. I even debated God's existence with a pastor for a month or so.

I thought I made some very good arguments, but he wasn't impressed. He's just got too much on the line to give it any serious thought.

I'm not sure if debating one on one does anyone any good, except maybe to understand the arguments for and against. A public debate sounds like it might be worthwhile, because at least there would be an audience.

I really like Robert Price for his Biblical knowledge. He's a former Christian and pastor, as well as a theologian and a Bible scholar. He's now an atheist and produces a podcast called "The Bible Geek".
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