Young Adult Sterilization [Miniature Rant]
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24-05-2017, 08:59 AM
RE: Young Adult Sterilization [Miniature Rant]
Some very interesting discussion on this topic.

I seriously doubt there could ever be a universal answer / solution to this issue because individual circumstances vary so greatly.

In my case, I was vehemently against marriage and kids when I was younger. I was very honest about the reasons; in the case of kids, it was because I was entirely too selfish in regards to both time and money. I was not willing to share either.

Oddly enough I found that this changed when I met my (now) wife. Finding the right person was sufficient to reverse my views on marriage, and as far as kids, I think it was partially a concession to her (she wanted 3) and partially my own maturation resulting in a less egocentric point of view.

So we stopped being careful about prophylaxis a couple monthly before the wedding. My wife was already 31 and was hearing her clock loud and clear. Plus, she had been married before and was unable to get pregnant (cause undetermined) so neither of us were sure how difficult the process would be.

Well, we had practically immediate conception, and my son was born the Jan after our wedding, which was in May. We had pretty much compromised on having just the one, but 18m later my daughter was born - that's a story for another time, but that unplanned conception occurred with very limited opportunity LOL.

After realizing that together we were apparently extremely fertile, I waited until my daughter was about 2 with no health concerns, and then went ahead and got a vasectomy. There was minimal discussion with the doctor, although she did point out that it's considered permanent, which was the whole point of course.

I've been very happy with the freedom that sterilization coupled with monogamy provides in terms of sexual activity LOL. And my wife and I have talked about perhaps fostering infants / toddlers if she needs that baby fix again.
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