Your Favorite Beers; Everyday, Top Shelf, & Style.
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21-03-2013, 01:12 PM (This post was last modified: 21-03-2013 01:23 PM by Heathen.)
RE: Your Favorite Beers; Everyday, Top Shelf, & Syle.
Oh boy!
cbb2274 has "resurrected" a beer thread! (See how I used that term without fear of ridicule in this forum?)

I LOVE beer. But I have no favorite. It's all about time and place for me. I had a very nice Red Stripe at the Pelican Bar in Jamaica recently and thought that had to be the best beer I've ever had. But I've also had an outstanding ice cold Bucanero Fuerte on the side of the road in Cuba that was very refreshing, and a wonderful Port Royal on West Bay Beach Honduras that really hit the spot. There have been many good beers, but last summer I did have a Pabst Blue Ribbon in my back yard while watching the fire turn to embers on a hot summer night while listening to some Albert King that may have topped them all.
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