Your Favorite Beers; Everyday, Top Shelf, & Style.
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15-06-2013, 10:36 PM
RE: Your Favorite Beers; Everyday, Top Shelf, & Syle.
(04-06-2013 01:24 PM)Dom Wrote:  I'll take any Hefeweizen as long as it has the actual yeast settled on the bottom. Hefeweizen is supposed to be unfiltered, darn it! All the beer that goes by the name and is filtered has no flavor.

Ha - I have a friend who loved Hefeweizen but it was so yeasty it would set his asthma off. A lot of the beers did that to him when he lived in Germany.

Of course, they new he was very American because he would only drink his beer ice cold - he used to get some ribbing about it there. Personally, I like my beer room temperature, especially in Winter... so now, I rib him about it! Tongue

I think in the end, I just feel like I'm a secular person who has a skeptical eye toward any extraordinary claim, carefully examining any extraordinary evidence before jumping to conclusions. ~ Eric ~ My friend ... who figured it out.
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