Your cooking recipes...hints and tips.
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20-04-2012, 05:13 AM
RE: Your cooking recipes...hints and tips.
(20-04-2012 03:12 AM)Filox Wrote:  You have no idea... Best chicken ever. Very salty and chilli... I might write this one down, this is simple, but some other time, no time right now.


Very well, since no one is giving me what I need here on my job, so I can't continue doing my job today, I will spend my job time to write down some recipes.

Beer chicken...

You take chicken breasts, chop them into one bite pieces, put some olive oil, pepper, salt and chilli on the pieces, mix that good, so it is spread evenly. Than take one big beer, I use half a litre for half a kilo of chicken breasts. The rest is simple, just put the chicken in beer and cook on light flame until the beer evaporates. There should be around 10-20% of the beer at the end, so just a bit of sauce and it is suppose to be pretty salty.

While the chicken is cooking, you take another pot and put some onions in, a bit of salt and some oil, fry the onions on light to medium flame until the onions get golden colour. The onions are to be cut thin, but you choose your style. Don't forget to stir the onions, you do not want it to burn. Then, after it gets golden, put in a bit of bacon, cut into small pieces, also, some garlic could be used as well. NO, NOT the garlic powder, GARLIC! You can not fry powder and it is too dry and old to be of use. Garlic needs to be cut into very thin pieces, so it can melt away during cooking. So now you are frying (on low fire) onions, garlic and bacon, take one can of beans and put it in. You can also put in some sausages if you like. Then just cook it a bit, until the beans get cooked, put in the rest of the spices as you see fit, but don't put salt in the beans/onions, you have plenty in the beer/chicken. When you think that the beans are done, just put it together with the chicken and beer. Try it and put in some spices if you feel something missing. Enjoy.

The chicken is cooked in the time needed for the beer to evaporate, but you will see for yourself is it done or not, the chicken starts to peel in small pieces when it is done, gets tender and stuff...
Holy SHIT that sounds so good!
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