Your ghost encounters.
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14-12-2011, 07:47 AM
Your ghost encounters.
The word GHOST brings up a lot of different thoughts/feelings to people. Growing up you are told that ghosts are something to fear and this is re-enforced into you as an adult with ghost movies as most of them try to be scarey (no religious envolvement there then.....wouldnt want people to think there is something OTHER than heaven or hell)Rolleyes

Im gonna share a couple of experiences I have had and I hope other people will share theres as well.

My first ever proper encounter was when I was 19 years old at my then girlfriends parents house. There was me, leanne (ex gf) dannielle (ex gf best mate) and tom (ex gf brother). We were all basicly just chilling listening to music in Leannes bedroom at the time. It was winter and very cold outside and the combination of all of us in Leannes bedroom had made the window very condensated. Tom decided to write his last name backwards in the condensation (backwards so people outside looking up could read it the right way round) and we was discussing it until dannielle asked him why he had done the finger marks at the top of the window. Its probably best for me to describe these finger marks in more detail. If you was to imagine placing your four fingertips (excluding your thumb obviously) onto a condensated window and then slowly start to draw them downwards......thats what we was seeing. It was slowly happening milimeter by milimeter but the interesting part of it is if you have ever made a pattern in condensation you will know that as you trace a route through you will get a build up of moisture that then will by the power of gravity make a rivulet of water that then runs downwards. This was not happening with the finger marks on the was like the water was just simply evaporating......there was no rivulets made by these finger marks whatsoever. This freaked everone out except me and they all scarpered whilst I stood and watched (i didnt feel frightened in the least, more perplexed) Tom, Leanne and Danniele had left the house and ran into the garden and Leanne was screaming for me to leave.......seeing as she was getting quite distraught I left the room and went to her. The next bit though is even weirder because as we were looking up at the window (from the garden)......her brothers name was rubbed out of the condensation with one movement by an invisible hand.

Even though this was not any more frightening than us not being used to such things it had a massive effect on Tom, Danniele and Leanne as they refused to go back in the house for ages and it took a few more days before Leanne would sleep in her bedroom again.

It then instiled in me a greater interest in ghosts and around 5 years ago I joined a group that did ghost hunts around the UK through a friend of my sisters. They welcomed me into the group and because Im not very phsychic I became there offical "skeptic" and the keeper of rational thought. I also gave myself the task of studying olde english and converting a lot of what was said into speech that could be understood as much as 300 years ago (you will be surprised at the difference in languages/meaning of words) for when we did "calling out"

Most of the time it was just the group but for certain events we invited paying members of the public to join us, this was only to cover the cost of the event and insurance and we never profited off any event. Any extra money simply went to buying more equipment.

A lot of the time on ghost hunts nothing really happens that cant be rationally explained. On this one occasion though at a place called "the leopard inn" everybody could see it. We invited a medium called sue to join us on this event seeing as a lot of people had reccomended her. We was all in the cellar of the pub and we had an EMF meter set up at the entrance to the cellar and we had an EMF meter set up in the center of the cellar in between all os us. Sue started calling out and said she had a small group of children who had been following us around at a distance all evening but were scared to come near us (confirmed by our own phsychic of the group Lisa) She said they were outside the cellar and wanted to come in but again......for some reason were scared. So we all started calling out to them to join us and not be scared and then sue said they were coming. We all watched the EMF meter at the entrance light up.....and then go out, immediatley followed by the EMF meter in the center of the room lighting up and staying lit up. The whole mood of the room changed and became more playfull and we all started to laugh and whoop.....the energy was very intense and Sue and Lisa said they were dancing around us.

I have more stories but none as exciting to read about as the two I have included. I will share them with everybody but I will keep it as that for now seeing as my post is FOOKING massive and I will let others share there experiences first Tongue

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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15-12-2011, 06:34 PM
RE: Your ghost encounters.
I don't really have many experiences like that, but something did happen to me when I was 5 and 6. It was Christmas Day. I woke up and saw my departed sister sitting in the tree outside my window, except with wings and a white gown. (I think it was wings and a gown; I can't remember well enough.) I became very scared and ran to my parents. I don't think I went back in for a few hours. The weird part was that it happened two Christmases in a row. In retrospect, I think it was sleep paralysis, and the same feelings were generated on the next Christmas because, well, it was Christmas, so I had a recurring "dream," except in the form of sleep paralysis.
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