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29-03-2011, 09:38 AM
(10-03-2011 10:43 AM)Buddy Christ Wrote:  A random Britney Spears youtube video has 100 million views and 500,000 likes. Does that mean it's good music? No, that just means that there are a lot of retards with internet connection.

08-01-2014, 04:06 PM
Hello, my friend! You've got the right idea. The Zeitgeist Movement, The Venus Project, and similar activists and initiators are looking at solutions to the world's problems. Good for you for keeping an open mind. Hang in there. Smile
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08-01-2014, 07:53 PM
Religion needs to go first. Especially the adversarial Abrahamic varieties. That will help quell some of the wars and will allow people to learn that everyone is worth something. Right now we are allowed to deny some people even the most basic respect. I don't think anything remotely close to utopia will be possible until some basic respect is established. Something like that is going to need most of us moving in that direction together. Right now we are too fractured even within subsets of subgroups to accomplish something on that scale. I do like your optimism and I would like it if we lived in that kind of society. It is possible to achieve but humanity will have to take baby steps. There is just too much fear by the oppressed, and the rich and powerful have way too much to lose. Also, we don't need Zeitgeist or a Venus Project to lead us, with all of those conspiracies, we know what treating people fairly looks like, it was in sociology books damn near a hundred years ago. We know what treating people harshly looks like too, it was in the Bible damn near two thousand years ago, lol. Never lose your optimism that humanity can get it right soon, if you do, you may as well be a theist.

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