a returning Atheist
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01-08-2016, 08:05 PM
RE: a returning Atheist
(25-07-2016 08:22 PM)TheMoralist Wrote:  That is a great advice Rocket. I definitely still value a lot of Buddhist teaching like middle path which is to prevent extreme view, or question everything, and so on. Though I think the hard part was growing up a Pure Land Buddhist and having to rewire my brain and letting go of belief is definitely a challenge. Also it was quite a journey getting to accept Siddhartha (Buddha) was just a man full of errors and a product of his time not some timeless perfect sage. And I came to realize it is silly to call myself a Buddhist because I find some stuff I like from it. I figured I wouldn't call myself a Platoist if I like Plato's writing lol.

You are right. Reality is pretty awesome Big Grin

That rocket guy has a knack for taking the high road Smile
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01-08-2016, 11:31 PM
RE: a returning Atheist
Quote:even make one sees life as meaningless and nihilistic.

Greetings and Welcome, TM! I hope this portion of your journey provides answers or questions that help you find your way.

I must admit to being baffled by this incessant need humanity in general has for "meaning" in life. Isn't life it's own meaning? The purpose of life is to live, I find that very comforting, myself. Why must there be some grander scheme, some altruistic motivation for existence?

I am fairly certain that life is just another aspect of the universe, governed, if you will, by forces we don't understand yet but which are essentially no different than gravity, or inertia, or thermodynamics. I believe we will find that there is nothing at all "special" about the human race, that life is not only common in the universe but inevitable. What purpose do stars have, do planets, asteroids, nebula? Their purpose, to me, is simply to exist. I don't believe we are any different. We're another element in the complex compound that is everything.

Enjoy your stay here, I look forward to heated debates and humorous apologies.

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