absolute morality
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18-02-2012, 07:00 PM
RE: absolute morality
I believe morality is relative, but its basics only change very slowly over long periods of time, so to many observers it may seem as absolute. But it isn't.

Theoretically, things like wars might at some point in our history or prehistory serve as a cultural influence that pushed the civilization forward. After all, it required men to unite and fight for a common cause and obey one leader, which is a step better than whacking each other on head for personal interest.

It seems like there is a strained love-hate relationship of morality and technology. Morality without technology is stagnant, technology without morality is deadly. When technology develops, morality must develop too, because suddenly so many new crimes are possible and easy. So in our times of speedy technologic innovations we can suddenly see, how relative the morality is.

The absolute good itself does not lie in a particular version of morality. It is essentially a progressive direction of moral development or anything that helps humanity in the current situation.

And similarly, the absolute evil is not in a particular action, but also rather a contra-progressive direction of development, such as in imposing obsolete, reactionary actions and sets of rules on contemporary people or slowing down the progress of humanity.

Of course, various cultures are variously civilized and have different mentalities and are used to various degrees of social pressure and mindfuck. Some parts of "morality" are artificial cultural figments, nonetheless very real.

Btw, homopedophilia traditions in ancient Greece was popular as preparation of boys for maturity, because women were mostly held as house servants and weren't educated. If men wanted a relationship as intellectual equals, they needed another man. Male friendships were seen as noble and superior to relationship with a mere woman. There were genuine gays also, but they had fixed roles as mommy or daddy. And the daddy had a greater social esteem among men than his mommy partner. You see, that had nothing to do with morality whatsoever, it's a typical cultural invention of necessity.
Later, in different culture (altar boys of Catholic Church) a similar activity becomes a great crime.

If you claim there are nuances to principles, there are no nuances to getting arrested or shot for disobeying the power.
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