advice about my 5yr Old
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03-10-2015, 04:54 PM
RE: advice about my 5yr Old
You may want to hire an advocate to help you deal with the school system. It certainly sounds as though there are many factors playing into your child's problems at school.

In my experience the best thing to do when your kid is having behavior issues at school is to try very hard to work with the school staff and your child to improve the behavior. Sometimes there's no way to avoid being adversarial, but often if the teachers/aides know that you agree that your kid needs to improve, even if he's not consistent yet, they are more cooperative and positive towards you and towards your child.

Maybe there are things you could do outside of school also to reduce the stress on your son, or things you can take extra time to help him with. If he's in a living situation where he doesn't get as much attention, maybe you can practice letters and numbers with him (increase his academic confidence), read to him (increase his ability to sit and concentrate), and rearrange things as much as you can to spend time with him (reassure him that he's important).

If you doubt the school's assessment of ADHD, the best thing to do is take your son to a developmental pediatrician and have him evaluated.

About psych meds and kids: my son (who has autism and who is now a senior in high school) started on medication when he was 9 years old. We had the opposite problem: people who worked with him thought he would benefit from meds, but no one would prescribe them for him. We finally got hooked up with a child psychiatrist, and it took a couple of years before we found the perfect mix of meds, but for us, this was life-changing in a very positive way. No negative side effects other than sleepiness, and that lasted only about a month. Being on medication is not shameful, and sometimes it works wonderfully. But sometimes it makes things worse. No child--especially a child of age 5--should start psych meds without being closely supervised by a medical professional, so if your school is suggesting this, that is a bad idea.
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03-10-2015, 07:54 PM
RE: advice about my 5yr Old
The gym teacher at out school sent a letter home saying my 6 yr old had ADHD. Took him to the doctor - doctor said he was a healthy active little boy that's having difficulty directing his energy. Children are supposed to be like that at this age. Curious, energetic and most have a hard time sitting still at the best of times. No drugs. Doctor hit the roof when I showed him the letter. He went to his office and made a phone call. I couldn't make out his words but he was right angry. Another gal was told her son was learning disabled by a teacher. He'd been kicked out of school for three days. The kid was 9. I suggested she go down to the school in person and tell the teacher that perhaps she's teaching disabled.
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