belief and behavior
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18-07-2013, 10:29 AM
belief and behavior
So I was thinking, as we all know belief affects behavior profoundly. Belief is a psychological process of some sort, that is hard to crack. It is sort of like trust or acceptance of an idea or worldview. Our minds or brains are kind of like calculators, at least that is one of their functions. When we desire a certain thing, we have to calculate whether it is attainable or the risks involved and decide (sometimes split second, sometimes over the course of years) whether to pursue it based on cost, value, attainability. An illustration of this is calculating whether you can jump over a stream or whether you can land on a rock with your foot that won't budge. When I have a really tough decision to make, I generally procrastinate, wait till the last minute, try to take in all that I can and sometimes get very tired. I am probably a weak decision maker.. but when I truly make a decision I go all for it 100 percent.

So Christianity or any religion represents a system of beliefs, an entire world view, or Weltanshauung, so it affects behavior (and feeling and attitude) profoundly.

Desire and will are identical concepts in my view. I do not concern myself with the question of absolute free will. that is a philosophical question that is so abstract. I don't want to waste my time with it, but I think we might not have such free will. I am very interested in what I call relative free will, which is just essentially what you might find in a cheesy self/help book- how to know what you want, be free of coercion, propaganda, social pressure and any enemy of your desire- because you know when we are born we are born into a web where everyone has their desires for us- not just parents and community but nowadays corporations and governments and religions, and I am interested in freedom, which is freedom to pursue your true desires according to your true nature and true purpose. If you are suspicious of what this is, or think this sounds quasi religious, let me just say I am thinking very biologically these days. We are a species of the mind, of intelligence and we are communal and sophisticated. This is how our instincts play out, but I put a high value on our human instincts, and appreciate them as the ultimate source of all our desires. It does not mean carnal consumerism. I guess that is instincts being exploited, which is not free will- in other words bringing us the most fulfillment. Instincts alone don't make us free, they might in the environment in which we evolved, but we do not live in such an environment anymore, but thankfully the universe gave us a mind, an intelligence and a higher will go govern the lower will for it's own good- the inner parent or adult.

Religion takes the role of this parent sometimes and at the very least it leads us astray or quashes our desires. Let's say we have a desire for sex or something. We downplay it or deny it by saying it is sinful or else we sabotage our performance in flirtation or dating or we let pass by windows of opportunity that our instincts tell us to act on. Now this becomes a habit. But when we get rid of religion we still have to get rid of the lingering effects. In other words we may have routed the enemy but we still need to consolidate our power, take back our own mind. We can try again. Changes of belief mean we can try again and this time it might be successful. To continue, suppose we are frustrated by another in the pursuit of a healthy desire. Our religion tells us to forgive, "to turn the other cheek". We believe this because it sounds good sounds spiritual. it may be good or proper in some cases but religion universalizes this in our heads and this could lead to loss of personal power and deeper frustration, blocked energy, whatever you want to call it. Well now when you quit religion, and the same situation happens, maybe you can have more energy for confrontation. I think both sex and confrontation are important in life and I have shown I hope how religion affects the outplay of both of these in our minds and behavior, to dampen them. I wonder if there is a sex positive religion. No let me change that back. Most religions are sex positive in certain contexts. The sexual morals of a society are chosen to help that society evolve and survive and thrive, otherwise group evolution will eliminate it from the pool. I try not be judgmental, even of others who are judgmental because it clouds the mind. But are there some religions whose sexual morality is similar to modern agnostic atheist sexual morality? Maybe paganism or wicca. Why does it matter? It doesn't but I"m just curious, and religion can kind of serve as a spur to people, or a guide, even if they don't literally believe it. For example Zeus represents to me lately a person to emulate- he is heroic, virile, manly and potent. Do I believe in him? Oh yeah.. no. Also I wonder if there are religions that teach you to take an eye for an eye or fight back? Not buddhism, but Karaiite old testament judaism i know does this as does I suspect Islam. I don't need their belief systems. I don't like the hypocrisy and racial supremacy of judaism- lend money at interest to foreigners but not to your own tribe goes against my morality. I am just curious about religions.

I am realizing lately more and more, thankfully before I am too old and my chances are behind me, that I am a lover and a fighter. I don't mean to say I sleep around. In fact I am not getting much (any) love lately but I am in touch with my libido, but I am open to having many girlfriends but perhaps I will meet someone really special and be committed to her forever till we die and have children.. in which case whatever occurs I will still be a lover. I feel so free. Even if I don't get sex I can still be a lover of humanity and civilization in general and my kinfolk in particular, and of my beloved germany who needs love badly. And so I feel free in my attitude and becoming more conscious, but life is still tough. Now that the religious battles are won, and the dogmasauruses destroyed, there is still the practical battles. With respect to them, I think it's enough to say here one learns to avoid the things which are harmful. Too much free time on the internet is definitely so, too little time in hobbies and socializing yes, that's bad.

So change your beliefs and try again. A changed worldview can change your feelings, which you thought were stuck. Feelings of frustration or insecurity or self-loathing can melt when you come to understand the cause of things, according to a new worldview. The right worldview, which I believe is the one closest to reality- is powerful. I believe bitterness is melted in the sun of true awareness and understanding.

There is nobody with a stronger will than a volunteer. In fact the words are etymologically related. Will. In german Will in 3rd person, wollen in infinitive, to want. Volunteerism. What we do of our own volition is a driving force, we do it willingly. Martin Luther wrote bondage of the will. it would be interesting to read that. I believe he was a smart man, on the right track, had human insights. So what if he still believed in Jesus, everybody did back then. But my point is that people can be volunteering for things, but they are deceived, subverted or coopted by internationalist or communists for example, even to giving up their life in a war. I"m willing to fight and even die for certain causes, but I am getting wise to the propaganda all around me from a world that hates me and my people and just wants to use me and abuse me. I will free my will from lies because when lies are beliefs, then lies govern behavior with the force of volunteerism behind it. spare me from voluteers, do gooders who think that they know! They are the worst. There are so many puppet masters. I face a choice should I sell out and enjoy life, or to what extent should I fight for my worldview my values to predominate, or even just for survival and existence or the things and people I love in the world ?In other words should I fight or accept and enjoy life as an individual? Because we are individuals but also collective beings and don't I feel that energy these days. I do not consider myself an extremist or a natural polarizer, but don't I abhor the hollow victory. I want total victory.
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