black mold
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27-11-2015, 10:05 AM
black mold
New skeptoid article. Rather interesting.

Quote: The history of the black mold scare follows a
pattern that is familiar to many who follow
skepticism in pop culture. Before the mid
1990s, nobody ever heard of black mold

nobody ever got sick from it (at least not that
was widely reported), and people lived their
lives in homes full of mold without any ill
effects, by all accounts. However, since then,
it's been common for people to report being
sickened by black mold. People readily spend
tens of thousands of dollars to have mold
removed from their homes, and all kinds of
companies advertise warnings and offer
eradication services as if it's a critical problem
demanding immediate mitigation. We can think
of three likely scenarios that might explain why
we have such a big problem now that we didn't
seem to have only a few years ago:

1. The problem is as serious as reported and
began suddenly in the 1990s, which doesn't
seem very likely, since mold is natural and has
always been a part of our environment and has
always grown in our buildings;

2. People have always been seriously sickened by
mold exposure, but prior to the 1990s it was
misdiagnosed and unreported; or

3. Mold is the same size problem at some modest
level that it has always been, but an undue
amount of reporting and sensationalism has
surrounded it since it was cast into the public
spotlight in the mid 1990s.

One of these is probably true.

Looking back at the history of mold reporting,
we can indeed see that there was an explosion
of publication beginning around 1994.
Scientists from the CDC published an article
called "Acute pulmonary hemorrhage/hemosiderosis among infants" in the journal
Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, in which
they described a cluster of ten infants in the
Cleveland area who contracted this bleeding
lung disease in 1993, and attributed it to spores
from the mold Stachybotrys chartarum. The
infants all lived in homes that had had water
damage during the six months prior to
diagnosis. This article was widely circulated by
the mass media. It was the finger pulled from
the hole in the dike, and from that moment on,
black mold has been broadly believed to cause
this, and many other, pulmonary and systemic
illnesses. Even "sick building syndrome", a
controversial diagnosis that had been around
since the 1970s, was largely reworked to
incorporate mold as one of its primary

It's what happened next that makes it match
the pattern of other sicknesses popular in the
skeptical literature, and you might be able to
guess what it was. Other researchers found
that the 1994 article was flawed, deeply flawed;
and probably wrong. It's now the consensus
that there is no proof that mold was
responsible for giving anyone lung
hemorrhaging. They found the infants in the
study probably did not all have the described
condition; they found the water damage to the
homes was anecdotal and was not associated
with any measured levels of mold; control
homes did not have significantly different
levels of mold; and most of all, there was no
evidence that these particular infants had been
exposed to unusual levels of mold.

What happens in cases like this? Does the
worldwide media trumpet the new finding that
says the earlier sensational news was wrong?
Of course not; it was probably busy reporting
new sensations. The new finding was ignored
by the mass media, despite being rock-solid in
the scientific literature. Black mold as the
incredibly dangerous cause of all sorts of
fearsome diseases had become firmly rooted in
the public consciousness, where it has
remained ever since.

rest of article at link:

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27-11-2015, 11:07 AM
RE: black mold
Ted Nugent had a house here in Michigan that he had built - the contractor screwed up the roof line and he got water dripping inside -- and it developed black mold....

His second wife was allergic and it put her in the hospital...

He had to have the house taken down.....


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27-11-2015, 11:09 AM
RE: black mold
That's the thing about mold spores. It is an allergy that only some folks have. Unfortunately those that do react very strongly to exposure.
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27-11-2015, 12:23 PM
RE: black mold
(27-11-2015 11:09 AM)skyking Wrote:  That's the thing about mold spores. It is an allergy that only some folks have. Unfortunately those that do react very strongly to exposure.

I'm very allergic to mold. I don't know if it's black mold, I think it's just your regular garden variety mold. Recently I had to have sinus surgery to shrink my sinus tissue down from chronic allergies to mold and everything else in the air. Mold is the worst of my allergies and I have to give myself 3 allergy shots a week to control it plus Singulair for asthma from the allergies. It's kind of a bitch but I feel like a whole new person now.

I always wondered if black mold is just your regular mold. A lot of mold turns black.

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