book chapter to rpg cainpaign{for critisism}
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26-09-2017, 08:14 PM
book chapter to rpg cainpaign{for critisism}
1st chapter to ""Dungeon Master helper
this is basically here for critism... not just of the chapter but the idea/ideas. ell me what you think and if I am well within my right to do this. Also if this would work or needs to be tweaked. it's nonficton but has a fiction bases.
I have written this book for three reasons. The first purpose is to help Game masters who are out of Ideas. This books is kind of taking the old scraps of universes I still may never gotten too or already have gotten too and presenting them as a setting for an tabletop rpg. Kind of. They are not too any game system so require you to pick the system.. Think fate core or gurps..the idea came to me after spending around fifteen years trying to develope my own summer event kind of like dc and marvel {with anime world building}do but in novel form. The fact of the matter is I may never finish this project due to it’s scale and my mental illness. The thing is thougfh I think it’s still useful in a way. Mainly I think some of this stuff can be useds for rpg campaigns. That is that this book is about, the idea here is so that no matter how long it may take me to finish this small multiverse someone is getting enjoyment out of it which means you and your friends..

So what does his book due. It allows you to make campaigns for your friends in tabletop form. What does his book or I not give you permission to do. Rip me off. The thing is I put my whole mind, body, spirit, soul, and heart into this and the u.s. Copyright will be made before this after this so if you want official builds of anything and you have the experience send me an email to the email address on this page. Sorry I just had to say that to say that before hand.
“{also if you want to send me videos from youtube for the campaigns that would be cool too.
also I am relatively new at tabletop games like this but I do know something about them. This is why this hasn’t been made into an official rpg. These a are basically my ideas to several multiverses I call them Solice, Truly, night/wiccan Blasia,and Karma western. So besides that I will copy right this book as a bookmark for my ideas. Each is a setting that you can use but is owned by me. The book is broken down into each of them starting with solace and my organized notes on this. Each will made with tie ins to each other though so that… 1, I can do said summer event.. And.. 2. So you can do crossover stuff…. Besides that lets get this going and see what happens.

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